How To Make Dreams Come True With Astrology

How To Make Dreams Come True With Astrology

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The new moon is a chance to accomplish everything you have in mind and achieve all your goals. It is important that the goals that you set coincide with the energy of the new moon, this will help them to come true faster. How does this happen? How to make dreams come true with Astrology?

How To Make Dreams Come True With Astrology
the New Moon

The first lunar day – the basis of your happy life. Unfortunately, on this day you do not have much energy to act, but the strength of your thoughts and intentions increases significantly. Since ancient times, the New Moon has been considered the best time to work on goals and projects, as well as for spiritual and mental practices.

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How To Make Dreams Come True With Astrology
Lunar calender


First, you need a lunar calendar (just for your region). By it you will determine how soon the New Moon will come and you can effectively prepare for it.

So, at the onset of the first lunar days, you need to carry out the following ritual – light candles and write down the goal that you want to achieve in a notebook or notepad. It is important that the goal is recorded in the present tense.

Try to describe the goal as succinctly as possible and be sure to indicate the result you want to achieve. For example – my salary is an amount Dollars/ Euros per month.

Now every day during this lunar cycle (21 days) you need to prescribe this goal in a notebook 10-15 times in a row. Exercise is quite simple, but you need to do it every day. If you missed at least one day, then you have to start again.

It is also important to observe the following rules to achieve this goal:

– The goal must be achievable. Do not waste your time and energy on unattainable goals.

– The goal must be environmentally friendly. It should not harm the lives of other people, it is better to immediately abandon it.

– The more people involved in the achievement, the less likely to get it. If in your plan for achieving the goal you are constantly dependent on someone, then you need to change this. The ideal goal is one that is almost 100% up to you.

– The goal must be true. If you feel that the subconscious mind rejects your goal, then it is worth considering – but do you really need it?

However, do not think that immediately after 21 days your desire will come true! We are only laying the foundation and the program in our subconscious, which allows us to adjust the life and the line of fate with the help of the energy of the moon in the direction we need.

At the end of the practice, you will notice that everything around you will gradually begin to change – the environment, people, information, you yourself. And finally, you get exactly what you need to achieve the goal.

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