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I’m So Scared [& Excited] To Post This!!

I'm So Scared [& Excited] To Post This!! 48

…. Honestly I never ever ever thought I would be writing this. EVER!! but here I am sitting here at my computer typing to you that… WE ARE PAINTING OUR FLOORS. Holy hannah it feels good. Ok, I have a lot of explaining to do. Ok, where do I start? Let’s start way back into 2016 when we decided to put wide plank pine boards throughout our house for our flooring. When we moved in the house we started ripping up the old carpet & flooring & discovered the old 1800’s floor underneath. Most rooms were in horrible shape & not salvageable [holes in the floor to the basement & ruined by previous renovations to the home] the only room that was in great shape was the dining room & that was still questionable. So that is when we decided to put the wide plank pine floors in ourselves so that we would have a solid, seamless floor throughout our home that would age with us as we lived in this house for many years to come. The installation went amazing & we simply nailed the planks to the flooring underneath. Then the tough decision came… do we paint or do we stain?

I'm So Scared [& Excited] To Post This!! 49

I'm So Scared [& Excited] To Post This!! 50

My dream home? It’s filled with a mix of chippy painted floors, tile floors, & some with some old stain. We have a pretty big farmhouse with a lot of rooms so that dream could possibly come true. You know what the normal thing to do is? It’s to stain the floors. I’m not saying it’s normal in a “boring” way at all..I LOVE stained floors. Like so so so much. But it feels taboo to paint flooring & so when the decision came to paint or stain I told myself “we have to stain or people might think we are weird.” Well, I’ve always been a weirdo & I think my decision just solidified that I’ll always be one. After a few months of living with the bare pine floors we decided that we should go with the normal thing to do & stain the floors [read more about that HERE]. We selected two beautiful shades from Old Barn Milk Paint  [HERE] & mixed them together & stained the front living room & the dining room floors [the kitchen ones were not quite installed yet when we did this]. When I say that Old Barn Milk Paint is the best… I’m not lying. It has no odor [which if you stain a lot.. you know how magical this is!] & it penetrated the wood so deeply & richly & without sealing it ourselves we cleaned them, walked on them with wet boots, scrubbed them, lived on them, & even had a sheep walk on them constantly, & there was never any ware or tear. Even an expert flooring guy who came to the house commented about how beautiful the stain was. It truly was. We plan to use this stain in other areas of our home, but after staining those two rooms & even though we loved it, my heart secretly knew that it wasn’t quite what “White Cottage Farm” needed. & the fate of our floors were sealed when I had a meeting at the house with a flooring guy who was going to come help us with the rest of the staining…

I'm So Scared [& Excited] To Post This!! 51

I'm So Scared [& Excited] To Post This!! 52

I'm So Scared [& Excited] To Post This!! 53

So, I had this meeting with a flooring stain expert who was going to help us with the rest of the house. He came in & even before we could discuss stain he asked me if he could be “forward with me” I said yes as I like honestly especially from contractors who are about to do big projects in our house… He politely told me that as soon as he walked in our house and saw the flooring he pictured it with painted floors and that he felt that’s what this house screamed that it wanted. Most would think this is odd, but I think the house speaks to me too… ok odd, but moving on. This is even before he knew my love for painted floors or before seeing that we had a room in our home with painted floors. This would mean that he wouldn’t be getting money from us & that our meeting was a waste of his time so the trust factor in his opinion was then higher for me. He also went on to tell me a few more things that made my low maintenance cozy loving farmhouse heart long for painted floors. That was it for me. Secretly in the back of my mind I knew I wanted them painted & felt like it really felt the vibe of our house.

I'm So Scared [& Excited] To Post This!! 54

So, after a week of testing apporximently 25 paint samples on our floors this past week, we finally picked the flooring paint color today & put the first layer in the dining room today [The final color we chose is in the photo above!] Oh my, I’m in love already. I can’t wait to share with you guys & will be sharing our progress with you later this week. Also, we vlogged a lot of the process this and that will be up later this week as well. Today, I just wanted to break the news to you. I know a lot of you loved our stained floors [we did too!], but we hope that you can appreciate our desire to paint the floors of our farmhouse on White Cottage Farm. Jose & I are thrilled with how they are looking so far & I can’t wait to share the color we picked with you later this week. Let me know what you think [please be kind haha] & if you want to see another room in our home that has painted floors click [HERE] to see the start of our office when we painted the floors. THANK YOU guys for being a part of our fixer upper journey & for supporting us along the way & stopping by the blog daily to see what we are up to. I can’t thank you enough. xx

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