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Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench…

Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench... 36

Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench... 37

If you guys remember back in September we hosted The Found Cottage Mercantile Market here in Michigan. We gathered vendors from around the country to sell amazing things on labor day weekend from vintage to handmade & all the vendors joked around with me that they were positive that I hosted this market so that I could shop… they weren’t wrong. I love myself a good market! Of course it was for many many bigger reasons, but that is one small perk of course. All joking aside, I love supporting all of our local vendors & the pieces we get from them have so much more meaning because they are all so special to me. I’ve shown you pieces over the past few months that I picked up at the market & I’ve actually shown this piece I’m blogging about today once or twice on my instagram, but we just moved it into our entryway so I thought I would share it officially today before we decorate this spot for Christmas. I purchased this gorgeous bench from one of our amazing vendors at the market, Jordan from HoneyHomb Market, & I couldn’t be more excited about it every single time I walk by it. I think it was made for our house…

Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench... 38

Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench... 39

Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench... 40

See why I had to let it shine before I fluffed it? You know I didn’t even sweep or straighten up before I showed you this… it’s just the way we roll around here. Casual, laid back, & how it looks in the moment. This is our front entryway into our farmhouse! This is where the drawer piece [HERE] was that we moved into our studio recently that I’m excited to share with you & I moved this long farmhouse bench in it’s spot & ya’ll I think it was made for here! The bench is the most gorgeous antique wood & it’s almost 10 feet long! I have never seen one like it. I kept the gallery wall above it on the staircase wall the same & simply added a broom collection to the bottom that I’ve had for a quite a while to finish off the bottom of the gallery wall, but other than that I keep the gallery wall the same which worked out great for this little farmhouse entryway of ours. This bench is an antique, but the cushions on it are from Pier 1 [HERE]. These are the same cushions I use on all of our benches and they are quite wonderful! Ever since getting the three new front doors up here in our farmhouse entryway I’ve wanted something ‘lighter’ up in this area that blocked less light and less of the doors. The drawer piece was much higher and much deeper than this bench & because of that it blocked more light so this skinnier shorter bench here allows the front doors here to shine more! No worries because that drawer piece is going somewhere that we finally started working on in this house of ours. More on that later! Oh, & that lovely topiary tree? I’ve always wanted one like this & when I dove more into Balsam Hill’s products I realized they had topiary trees so I snagged up one of these olive topiary trees! Soon this may be a christmas tree for a few weeks, but this topiary will be back!

Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench... 41

Inspiring Farmhouse Entryway Bench... 42

This gallery wall above the bench has been an area in our house that I’ve put some of my favorite items on the wall that give a vibe of our farmhouse and our farm. You know me, I change things out and add things often, but this eclectic cozy cottage vibe on this wall will always have my heart. Quite often you can find our dogs sleeping on this bench, or under like Winnie, & that is a great representation of our farm life as well. Tons of fur babies, a lot of antiques, & a whole love of cozy! I’m excited to add a little holiday spirit into this area, but I figured I would show you before we did that so you can get the idea of the space before all the holiday fluff. I hope this space inspires you and shows you what you can do with your entryway or what you can do with your antique finds! Thank you guys SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to!

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