Learn when is the best time to visit amazing Jamaica

Learn when is the best time to visit amazing Jamaica

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Jamaica is the land of optimism and cheer – the ideal destination for those who want to relax and reinvent their lives. It is the jewel of the Caribbean, and home to some of the world’s greatest music as well. If you’re looking for a holiday full of fun, sun, and the beat of drums, this is the ideal destination for you. Of course, you will have to find out when to visit Jamaica. The weather in Jamaica is tropical, but it can vary. If you want to make the most of your vacation, you will definitely have to find the best time to visit Jamaica.

Learn when is the best time to visit amazing Jamaica


  • High Season: December – March
  • Low Season: June – November
  • All Seasons: April – May (spring), June – November (monsoons), December – March (summer)
  • The best time to visit Jamaica is between December – March, where there is little to no rain across the island.
  • April and May is the spring season, when the rains have not started yet. Usually, there are fewer tourists around during this time, making it a good season to visit.
  • Between June and November, weather in Jamaica becomes rather wet, with heavy storms and hurricane warnings as well.
  • If you want to visit Jamaica for the festivals, some of the biggest festivals in the country are celebrated between April and July.

Jamaica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, but that is not the only thing the country has to offer. There are waterfalls of the North Coast, the beautiful Blue Mountains, and the colonial architecture of Port Antonio waiting to be explored as well. The only thing you have to do is find out what is the best time to visit Jamaica.

Most of these regions are best visited in the summers – between December and March. The hurricane season would have weaned off, and the sun would have started to shine. The island would be lush and green, and the weather is perfect for those who want to get a wonderful tan! There is little to no rainfall throughout the island (there may be some showers in Port Antonio), but the weather would be great in the rest of the island.

Between April and May, the weather is still warm, but sporadic rains begin in some places. However, the crowds would have scattered, and you will be able to enjoy the beaches and the mountains without having to fight off the throngs of people. You can also expect some great discounts on accommodation and flights during this period.


April to May — Spring / Good Season

Learn when is the best time to visit amazing Jamaica

This is perfect spring weather – the rains would have worn off, leaving the island lush and green. The sun will be out, making the weather in the coast rather warm, without being too hot. Towards the northeast (near Port Antonio, for instance), there would still be some rains – but not as much as the monsoon season.

  • Avg. Temperature: 75 – 80° F / 24 – 27° C (in Kingston)
  • Rainfall: 10 – 30 mm
  • Season: Spring
  • Highlights: This is the shoulder season, so you will not face a lot of crowds. Spring break is a popular event in Jamaica, with a lot of students flooding into the city, and the beaches. On the plus side – the parties will be quite amazing, so you will get to experience Jamaica’s nightlife at its liveliest (head to Kingston for some of the best parties). The Bacchanal Jamaica, the country’s biggest carnival, takes place in April and is an event you should definitely never miss!

June to November – Monsoon / Low Season

Learn when is the best time to visit amazing Jamaica

This is the low season due to the showers, storms and hurricanes that hit the country. The weather will be rather wet throughout the island, and some places, like Blue Mountains, would be better off visited in another season. The humidity will be high – so relaxing at the beach won’t be as fun either. September is the month most prone to hurricanes, so make sure you check the weather warnings before getting your tickets.

  • Avg. Temperature: 77 – 91° F / 25 – 33° C (in Kingston)
  • Rainfall: 60 – 130 mm
  • Season: Monsoon
  • Highlights: Most of the crowds would have left the popular places, like Port Antonio, Montego Bay, Treasure Beach, etc. You will be able to enjoy the beaches without too much of a crowd, and reservations will be easy to find as well. If you don’t mind putting up with rain, you will surely have fun. A number of music festivals happen during this period – starting from the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival, to the incredibly popular Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay in July. These are events you will definitely not want to miss if you’re traveling during the season. 

December to March — Summer / High Season

Learn when is the best time to visit amazing Jamaica

The weather in Jamaica is close to perfect during these months. The sun is out, and except for certain parts in the north-east, there is no rain. The temperature will be soaring, so make sure you pack enough sunscreen for your vacation. If you’re visiting the Blue Mountains, you should know that the nights get rather cold – so be prepared!

  • Avg. Temperature: 73 – 88° F / 23 – 31° C (in Kingston)
  • Rainfall: 10 – 50 mm
  • Season: Summer
  • Highlights: This is perfect beach time for those escaping the winter in their countries. Jamaica has a number of popular beaches to offer, but they might get rather crowded during this season. Montego Bay, Treasure Beach, Kingston, Port Royal will all see quite a bit of crowds during this period. To escape the summer heat, you can head down to the coffee plantations at Blue Mountains, or go on a trek at the Blue Mountain-John Crow Mountain National park.