“Long and Happy” Did Not Happen. The Loudest Celebrity Divorces In 2018

“Long and Happy” Did Not Happen. The Loudest Celebrity Divorces In 2018

At the peak of the relationship, it seems that love will be eternal, and the future – bright. Alas, in reality everything happens far from always. Beautiful relationships often end in an unpleasant, and sometimes frankly scandalous and dirty rupture. Moreover, not only “mere mortals”, but also people who, it would seem, have everything necessary for happiness – money, fame and power.

Not grown together: who celebrity divorced in 2018

We represent the TOP of the loudest and unexpected divorces of the past year. I bet you were sure that everything would be fine with them?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

And again, Jen was unlucky. After 3 years, it would seem, happy marriage, the couple made a joint decision to put an end to the relationship. Details neither Jennifer, nor Justin do not disclose. However, they say that the reason for the gap was the inability of the couple to have children. Recall, Jennifer Aniston has repeatedly admitted to Western publications that she dreams of the baby. But alas, for the time being her dreams are clearly not destined to come true.

Why do star and regular couples break up?

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux


Channing Tatum and Jenna Duenne

The marriage of this couple collapsed after 9 years of marriage. Their novel was called one of the most beautiful in Hollywood. Having become acquainted with the filming of the “Step Ahead” film, they fell in love with each other rather quickly. And spent together 12 happy years. To the credit of both, their divorce can hardly be called scandalous – wishing each other all the best, they publicly promised to take care of their daughter Everly together.

Channing Tatum with his wife


Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Penneteri

The famous Ukrainian boxer and Hollywood actress met in 2010, and in 2014 they got married. Alas, fortunately it was not destined to last long. In August, the couple confirmed the rumours of a divorce. The reasons for the gap remain a mystery. But it is interesting that the daughter born in marriage Vitaly and Hayden, remained to live with the father.

Klitschko and Hayden


Paris Hilton and Chris Zilka

This couple divorced, not having time to get married – their engagement had no logical conclusion. After scandalous breaks with Nick Carter, Paris Latsis, Stavras Niarhas, Hilton was not able to maintain relations with the official fiance – Chris Zilke. Moreover, this gap can not be called beautiful. Zilka publicly demanded that the ex-lover return him a wedding ring for $ 2 million. Although, as it turned out later, there was no such ring at all.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zilka


Robert de Niro and Geys Hightower

Nobody expected this divorce. The love story of Robert De Niro and Geys Hightower has lasted for more than 20 years, since 1987. Of course, their happiness cannot be called cloudless – in 2004 there was talk of breaking the star couple. However, then celebrities managed to save the relationship and, at the same time, pass for the strongest pair of show business. Alas, to be together until the end of Robert and Geis was not destined. After several months of separation, they did decide on the final break.

Robert De Niro and Grace


In order to end on a positive note, we note that the past year was also rich in joyful events. For example, in 2018 a sensational wedding took place Megan Markle and Prince Harry.

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