Mind Over Mirrors – “Vermillion Pink”

Mind Over Mirrors – “Vermillion Pink”

ben March 9, 2018 0

by Gabriela Tully Claymore


Jaime Fennelly fronts Mind Over Mirrors and he’s joined by Jim Becker (Iron and Wine, Califone), Janet Beveridge Bean (Freakwater, Eleventh Dream Day), and Jon Mueller (Death Blues). Next month, Mind Over Mirrors will release a new album titled Bellowing Sun by way of Paradise Of Bachelors, and it will be accompanied by a massive zoetropic sculpture created in collaboration with visual artists Timothy Breen and Eliot Irwin and lighting designer Keith Parham. The project will premiere at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago on 4/6, the same day the album is out.

We’ve already heard several Bellowing Sun singles, including “Zeitgebers” and “Matchstick Grip.” Today, the band shared a new song called “Vermillion Pink.” It’s a spacey rhythmic drone piece that quite literally put me into a trance just now. Pretty neat! Check it out below.

Bellowing Sun is out 4/6 via Paradise Of Bachelors.