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New Beauty Gems: Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms

New Beauty Gems: Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms 36

New Beauty Gems: Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms 37

New Beauty Gems: Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms 38
Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms

Tell me they’re not lovely!  I’m giving plenty of early warning so you can keep an eye out (Amazon Luxury Beauty, FeelUnique or BeautyBay). What’s especially fabulous, if cats in ribbons aren’t enough, is that they’re made in a solid oil texture which has an olive oil base and feels divine. They call them treatment balms actually, and also have a splash of lavender oil and peppermint extract. Flavours? Of course they’re Christmassy! The cat balm is stollen and quite orangey, while the flower print is mulled wine so a little bit of a warm spice scent.

New Beauty Gems: Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms 39
Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms

Nice, hey? And perfect for gifts or stocking fillers at £14.

New Beauty Gems: Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms 40
Paul & Joe Festive Lip Balms

As you can see, there are a couple of hand creams as well, all dressed up to match the balms, again with olive oil at the core of the ingredients and they’re in the same fragrances as the balms. Bizarrely, they’re less expensive, at £11, than the balms. I know that there is also a soap coming along which I cannot wait to get my hands on but it won’t launch til December so you might want to hang out for that. I rather like a Paul & Joe hand cream – they always seem to do the job of softening and hydrating very well, but I’m baulking at  having the scent of stollen on my hands for any great length of time.

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