No Oncologist Will Tell You The Truth About Essential Oils

No Oncologist Will Tell You The Truth About Essential Oils

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No Oncologist Will Tell You The Truth About Essential Oils

Some essential oils contain power agents that can prevent the spreading of cancer as well as its growth, and scientists recognize this. A healthy human body has a frequency from 62-78 MHz, and disease starts at 58Hz.

In a testing, a man holding a cup of coffee had his frequency dropped from 62Hz to 58Hz, and that in only three seconds. Three days were needed for the frequency to go back to normal.

Some other studies say negative thinking lowers the frequency on average 12MHz. On the other hand, positive thinking increase frequency on average 10MHz.

Researchers wanted to find out how essential oils (ginger, jasmine, lemon, thyme, rose, cinnamon, grapefruit, mint etc.) may fight against cancer. So, they tested antibacterial potency and in vitro toxicology against cancer cells.

Moreover, Bruce Tainio has developed a Calibrated Frequency Monitor in order to measure the frequencies of essential oils, and how the essential oils affect people’s frequencies.

According to Immunologist M. Suhail, cancer begins when the DNA code that is in the nucleus of the cell becomes corrupted. Luckily, essential oils seem to be able to tell the cell what should be the proper DNA code.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

People buy many essential oils, but sadly, they are not all of good quality. Some of them are mixed with alcohol and other additives. If you want to get the most out of an essential oil, it must be completely pure.

The author of the book “The Body Electric,” R. O. Becker says that our bodies have an electrical frequency and that determines our health. The great Nikola Tesla explained that removing some outside frequencies may help us gain resistance toward disease.

The winner of the Nobel Prize for cancer research, Dr. Warburg discovered that our cells have an electrical voltage. So, without any doubts, some frequencies are able to prevent the development of disease, and some other may destroy diseases.

Those substances that have higher frequencies can destroy diseases that have lower frequencies. The oils that can be used as therapy start at a frequency of 52, and they can achieve 320MHz.

Here is a list of some essential oils and their frequencies:
Helichrysum – 181MHz
Ravensara – 134MHz
Sandalwood – 96MHz
Rose – 320MHz
Frankincense – 147MHz
Lavender – 118MHz
Peppermint – 78MHz
Juniper – 98MHz
Angelica – 85MHz
Essential Oils and Healing Abilities

Chamomile, cinnamon, thyme, and jasmine are able to destroy breast cancer cells. Chamomile kills up to 93 percent of them in vitro. Thyme oil has proven to be even more effective with a 97 percent of kill rate of the breast cancer MCF-7.

A study revealed that chamomile essential oil contains powerful antioxidant properties. Eleven essential oils were evaluated: thyme, sage, lavender, winter savory, peppermint, rosemary, sweet fennel, bitter fennel, chamomile, and French tarragon.

It was revealed that Roman chamomile has the highest antioxidant activity.

Frankincense Oil

According to Suhail, this essential oil can separate the nucleus of the cancer cells from the cytoplasm, so the nucleus cannot reproduce. The oil has compounds named monoterpenes that can help destroy cancer cells.

This is great for people who discover they have cancer at whichever stage it is. Now, chemotherapy as a treatment kills even the healthy cells and the patient becomes weak. But, this essential oil can attack only the cancer cells.

End-Stage Liver Cancer

One man has been told that his cancer has become too large to be removed. Doctors gave him half a year of life. But, his wife learned about the frankincense oil. So, the man applied the oil under his tongue and topically to his liver every day.

The next time they visited a physician, they revealed that his cancer was shrinking. It was a real miracle. The patient continued using the oil, and in April the physician agreed to remove cancer.

Now, the man is happy with his wife and family. Amazing, right?

A Kid with Brain Cancer

There is a case of a girl at the age of five who had brain cancer. She used frankincense oil with a drop of sandalwood, and she applied it on her feet, and lavender on her wrist. Today the girl is perfectly healthy.

Cancer of the Bladder

Jackie Hogan was informed that she would need to go through a surgery in order to remove her bladder because of cancer. But, she found out about the frankincense oil combined with sandalwood oil.

The professionals say that this oil may become part of the list of natural compounds that destroy cancer.

Cancer Stage 4

The mother of Bebe was diagnosed with cancer in her lungs that spread to her shoulders, ribs, spine, pelvis, and hips. Luckily, after using essential oils, the cancer cells began dying. So, she was back home planning her vacation.

After 7 months after the doctors told her that she is going to die, the woman was told that she is completely healthy. She recommends the oil to everyone. The oil should be used every two or three hours, applied over the affected areas, and you can use it under the tongue too.

Breast Cancer

A woman diagnosed with breast cancer said that she had removed it and used essential oil i.e. lemongrass and frankincense. She applied the oils on her breast each day and used some other herbal supplements. Now, she is in perfect health.

Cervical Cancer

A woman got cervical cancer for the second time, but when she started using frankincense and wintergreen on the bottom of her feet and her abdomen each three to four hours, she got better.


A boy who got leukemia for the second time took chemotherapy and essential oils that helped him recover much quicker than expected.

Throat Degeneration

A man was battling throat degeneration that was spreading to other parts of the body. But, he got better after using Frankincense as well as other natural remedies.

Pancreatic Degeneration

A man with pancreatic degeneration was given three to four weeks of life. But, he got better after using three drops of frankincense, a drop of each lavender, sandalwood, lemongrass, and peppermint, as well as other natural remedies.

Prostate Cancer

A man suffering from prostate cancer got much better after using essential oils for a few months.

Basal Cell Growths

An oncologist wanted to take out a big section of a man’s nostril, but thankfully, the essential oils helped him. Also, the man did not consume any more sugar. He started drinking more water, consumed more raw foods, and was optimistic.

He got much better, and after fifteen months he had no signs of the disease.


A woman applied frankincense to her melanoma each morning and night. In just three days the melanoma got smaller. And, after a week it was completely gone.

Skin Degeneration

A woman applied Frankincense oil three times per day and put two droplets under her tongue every morning and night. So, after two weeks she noticed that the spot on her skin got smaller. So after six weeks, a spot once a giant, was completely gone.

These were people’s experiences that say essential oils worked for them. It is a real miracle.