Skincare Diet – a New Trend for Beauty lovers

Skincare Diet – a New Trend for Beauty lovers

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Recently, a new diet has appeared in South Korea, which in a short time has become popular throughout the world – Skincare diet. It has nothing to do with reducing your intake of carbohydrates, sugar, or gluten. Food in this process does not participate at all. The new skin care diet involves the abandonment of a large-scale program with all stages of care in favor of a simple regimen that includes several steps. The procedure consists of using a cleanser and moisturizer. All components do not contain active substances.

Why complex care does not bring the desired effect

The use of a large number of different cosmetics over the years leads to numerous problems. Multi-stage care, instead of benefit, causes redness, increased sensitivity, and in some cases dermatitis.

Skincare Diet – a New Trend for Beauty lovers
Skincare diet


The benefits of sophisticated care turned out to be a myth that marketers came up with to promote numerous products. The new diet has simple rules. To comply with it, it is enough to get rid of all that is superfluous and manage with a minimal set of tools.

The following disadvantages of multi-stage care are distinguished:

1) Expensive pleasure. You must immediately purchase 10-20 face care products.
2) Long process. There may not be enough time to use all the cosmetics.
3) Storage on shelves. The abundance of cosmetics leaves no free space.
4) Labor input. A regular care ritual requires a lot of effort and a lot of time.
5) If you use a large amount of funds every day, you can not only aggravate the problems that are being fought, but also find new troubles.

The new approach was appreciated by cosmetologists, who often had to deal with the consequences of multi-stage care. From the constant use of various drugs in patients appeared high sensitivity, acne and rosacea.

Skincare Diet – a New Trend for Beauty lovers
High skin sensitivity, acne and rosacea


The concept of “diet” is used because it is an excellent way to cleanse the face from the harmful effects of using all kinds of cosmetics. Some products simply do not need skin but smth else :).

The benefits of a minimalist regime seemed attractive to many. After all, this is not only a great way to save money, but also to preserve the natural look of the skin.

Indications for Skincare Diet

Everyone can use a skin care diet at will.

Experts recommend detoxification methods in the following situations:

1) The skin is irritated and itchy.
2)Redness appeared as a result of the use of a large number of cosmetics. 3) The skin is good, but acne or acne appeared after using some drugs.
4) The use of 10-stage care and complex cosmetics did not bring a good result.

Previously it is worth analyzing the condition of your skin. It is necessary to observe what reaction occurs when using one or another means.

When switching to a skin care diet, certain rules must be followed:

Proper care includes the following steps:
1) Cleansing with a mild product.
2) Using a moisturizer that is selected according to the type of skin.
3) Apply sunscreen every day.

An important procedure for skin care is cleansing. It is necessary to choose a product with a gentle composition and without aggressive components. You can consider options for cosmetics based on plants.

Skincare Diet – a New Trend for Beauty lovers
Organic beauty products

In the process of a care diet, oils, masks, serums and tonics are recommended to be used from time to time, in short courses. And this really needs to be felt. Without indication, it is not recommended to use anything.

As a result of using the right beauty diet, the skin becomes more even, inflammation disappears and a greasy shine disappears.

The basis of the skin diet is the understanding that the constant use of active drugs stops the natural mechanisms of restoration of the skin. Intensive enrichment with serums destroys natural systems of protection and moisturizing. A special diet allows the skin to relax from regular stimulation.

To perform metabolic functions, the cells require a sufficient amount of water. Proper hydration protects the skin from inflammation. A lack of moisture leads to a loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin. Diet application You can start the diet with a week. For this period, you need to abandon the use of any cosmetics, first of all, from care products. It is important to minimize the number of layers of funds on the surface of the skin. This is especially important at night when recovery processes occur.

Compliance with a Skindiet involves the rejection of the following means :

-Complex nutritional creams.
-creams with SPF filters for use in the daytime.
– Primers.
-Tonal creams.
– Aggressive and multi component products for washing.

During the week, care should consist of competent cleansing and the use of a moisturizer with a light texture. If the condition of the skin allows, it is generally necessary to abandon the use of a moisturizer, especially at night. Before going to bed, you need to remove dirt and makeup from the face. Then wipe the skin with a simple tonic and do not apply anything else. If dryness is noticed, you can use a light cream. The tool will minimize unpleasant sensations of tightness.

A care diet consists of the following steps:

Choosing the right week to start. The day before the program, you need to make a deep-action moisturizing mask. During the diet, you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of pure water. This will help maintain optimal hydration of the skin in case of refusal of various funds. Every day, physical activity in the form of cardio training is required. Even simple walking will improve blood flow and cell nutrition.

A week pause will allow the skin to relax. After such a break, the active substances in serums and masks will work better.

Use a Skindiet at least 2-3 times a year.

Skincare Diet – a New Trend for Beauty lovers
Skindiet fantastic results

Many refuse to multi-stage care and the rest of the time. Cosmetics are used as needed, and every day the minimum necessary for healthy skin is used. In the morning and evening, cleansing and moisturizing products are used, and sun protection only in the daytime. In addition, a modern approach of Skindiet saves time and money.

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