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Strengthening The Core: how a strong press affects your health

Strengthening The Core: how a strong press affects your health 36

Strengthening The Core: how a strong press affects your health. Exercises are not useless!!!

Exercising gluteal muscles is more popular than paying attention to working out the press – this trend can be understood. Girls worry that their waistline will increase, and they do it for good reason: strengthening any muscles while maintaining the same high-calorie diet will increase volumes. However, you can lower your daily calorie intake and see how your body transforms with a decrease in fat percentage. “Furilia” will tell you why you need to strengthen core.

Overeating control

When filling, the stomach increases in volume until the moment the food breaks down into smaller pieces and goes further along the esophagus. Expansion of the stomach stretches your abs so that you begin to feel uncomfortable and want to eat a pill to speed up digestion. These signals indicate that such a portion of food was too big for you – next time try to put less on the plate or not order so many dishes in the restaurant.

Maintaining posture

The developed core helps to keep the body in an upright position, then when you bend over the nerve endings during bending, causing sharp pain or numbness of a part of the body. Moreover, during most exercises, you should maximize your abdominal muscles before contracting them as you exhale. At this moment, you simultaneously stretch your back muscles, which increases blood flow to them and their elasticity. With regular exercise, you will feel that your back has become noticeably less sore.

Strengthening The Core: how a strong press affects your health

Strengthening The Core: how a strong press affects your health. Balance will help your do other sports

Balance improvement

Most exercise use the abs and back muscles. By developing them, you simplify the training process and reduce the risk of injuries in ordinary life – for example, you are less likely to fall on slippery ice, because in time reduce your abs muscles and bend or deviate so as not to fall. Also, many athletes note that the developed muscles of the press help them engage in other sports – from surfing to basketball.

Birth assistance

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Obstetricians and gynecologists note that during childbirth it is important for a woman to breathe correctly. The main breathing technique is slow inhalation and sharp frequent exhalations. In exactly the same way, you breathe when you train the abdominal muscles, which means that during childbirth systematic breathing through fatigue and pain will not become stressful for you. As a result, you will accelerate the birth process and the smooth passage of the baby through the birth canal, avoiding breaks from sudden shocks or shortness of breath – common mistakes of women giving birth.

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