Stylish Pregnancy: Bold and Elegant Outfits by Megan Markle

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Pregnancy is no reason to deny yourself beautiful clothes, and Megan Markle is a vivid example of this. We have collected for you the most daring and stylish images of the Duchess, so feel free to take a note!

What princesses wear during pregnancy: 6 styles of mood

Megan Markle has always had a good taste and sense of style. Pregnancy was no exception for her. ? Now Megan is on the 13th week of pregnancy, and you can see that each outfit only beautifies the princess!

Even if you are not pregnant, these illustrative examples from Megan Markle will tell you how to hide a small tummy. How do princesses dress being pregnant?

1. Blue shades to her face.

Blue and blue colors highlight Megan’s bronze skin. The princess successfully selects the styles: asymmetrical models distract attention from the tummy, and a fluffy skirt in the warehouse makes the silhouette more fitted. By the way, in this long magnificent dress of cornflower-blue color Megan and Harry made a visit to the King of Morocco.

2. Fashionable strip for all occasions.

The Duchess very competently selects models of dresses for every occasion. The strip is now particularly relevant, because boldly arm with fashionable ideas from the icon of style. ?

3. Beauty …

Megan is not afraid to experiment with style. She easily reincarnates from an elegant princess in a romantic yoke, while always looks great! She definitely has something to learn. ?

4. Elegant and bold maxi

Elegant capes maxi look very impressive and stylish! An outfit worthy of real princesses. An unusual combination of a close-fitting skirt to the floor with a bold cut looks very intriguing!

The Cinderella Story: How Megan Markle Looked Before She Became Duchess

5. Evening look

The classic combination of black and white is always relevant. Pregnancy is not a reason to refuse activities and parties. ? As you can see, the main thing is to successfully choose a style to look just charming!

6. Everyday images in early pregnancy

Dresses of different shades and styles. In the first months of pregnancy, everyone could not figure out for a long time – was Megan pregnant? And all because she skillfully selects models!

Who said it’s time to forget about trousers? The Duchess found a great option: an elongated jacket + skinny pants, a very stylish and comfortable mix. Coats and midi dresses of neutral tones are suitable for more formal meetings! In addition, this length is now in the top of the most important trends.

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