Summer traps, or why do we gain weight in the heat?

Summer traps, or why do we gain weight in the heat?

ben June 24, 2022 0

Those who usually do not have time to “lose weight by summer”, are hoping for the summer itself to complete their task, which is very reckless. And here’s the real paradox: like seasonal vegetables and fruits in the diet, more activities, you don’t feel like eating in the heat. But this is all in theory.

Water, or not

In the heat, we want to drink more than usual, but, you know, lemonades, cold sodas, cocktails are often used, which quench our thirst for a couple of minutes, and in addition reward us with unnecessary calories, which few people actually count. And so, imperceptibly, we “feed” on additional sugar, while not replenishing the water norm per day, which should be even more in summer. And this is a story about dehydration, followed by excess weight.

What to do: Do ​​not order sugary cocktails in cafes and restaurants and always carry a bottle of water with you.

Country diet

In summer, the food, of course, changes, but at the same time, an endless grill, barbecue is added there, especially if you spend time outside the city, that is, on the street. On the one hand, you consume more protein when it comes to all kinds of kebabs, on the other hand, they are usually accompanied by sauces, wine, possibly bread and, most importantly, eaten in large portions, yet the appetite in the fresh air increases significantly.

What to do: limit the consumption of meat in the summer, leaving all the delights of warm and satisfying food for the winter season.

Ice cream for breakfast, ice cream for lunch

Imagine how much ice cream is eaten during the summer! After all, it is this type of sweet that is associated with childhood, into which we all fall together with the arrival of hot days. Some even replace meals with such food. On the one hand, it’s a sin not to treat yourself, on the other hand, there is a risk of being on an unplanned carbohydrate diet, which brings nothing good but momentary pleasure.

What to do: if you really want ice cream, arrange such a holiday for yourself on weekends, and not every evening after a “hard working day” as a reward. Or eat sorbet, it’s still less high-calorie.

Berry madness

What we are really looking forward to all year long is a dimensionless bowl of cherries, without which it is impossible to imagine summer. Everything would be fine if it were not for the amount of sugars contained in these beautiful berries. There is also a lot of fiber in cherries, which contributes to fermentation and bloating, if you do not stop in time. Of course, no one will deny the presence of vitamins: dark berries are a storehouse of vitamin A and iron, as well as melatonin, which slows down aging. Nevertheless, nutritionists and endocrinologists recommend limiting yourself to servings up to 100 grams per day, and those who are overweight should not consume cherries very often.

What to do: The ideal option is to allow yourself a small portion of berries in the afternoon as a separate meal, and not after another meal.

Decrease in total calories

In winter, due to low temperatures, it is easier for the body to burn calories because you have to spend energy on warming yourself. In the summer there is no such problem, so in a sense we spend less. It is for this reason that in the heat it is important to reduce the calorie content of the diet, especially if you are moving as much now as in winter or autumn.

What to do: enjoy the gifts of summer – eat as many vegetables and herbs as possible; reduce portion size.

Hello vacation!

Everyone knows the fact that after a trip to an all inclusive hotel, we arrive a little more than we were. On vacation at sea, in general, the trap “I swim in the sea, I walk a lot!” works best. But in reality, we can hardly control ourselves, eating exotic sweets, seafood delicacies, beautiful desserts. Not to mention alcohol, which increases appetite.

What to do: You can try an experiment with intermittent fasting. Skip breakfast or dinner if possible. Or, nevertheless, try not to eat a dozen types of foods at a time that are hard and long to digest.

Keep walking and stay busy

During the summer, we all think we move a lot. But there are people who, on the contrary, can hardly endure the heat, which makes them sleepy. No matter how hot the summer is, try to really walk more and avoid using public transport whenever possible. You don’t have to immediately try on roller skates or get on a bike, start with a banal walk, which, according to the results of many studies, is much more useful than running. For walks, you can choose early morning or late evening to avoid the sun.

What to do: Walk your minimum 10,000 steps every day, no matter what.

Summer swelling

In summer, edema can occur even in those who never encounter them at other times of the year. The main reasons for their appearance are high temperatures outside the window, uncomfortable shoes, parties or lack of normal sleep. Again, do not forget about clean water: swelling occurs precisely from its lack. Do not wear tight shoes that interfere with normal circulation. And of course, speed up the lymph by reducing the consumption of sweet, salty and fried foods.

What to do: get used to the fact that morning exercises instead of coffee (or a hundred jumps before breakfast) are the most correct must-have for the coming months.