The Most Popular Myths About Hair Care

The Most Popular Myths About Hair Care

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To get healthy and shiny hair, all means are good. Many are ready to buy up all the advertised novelties and follow the advice of homegrown “traditional healers.”

In the magazine “Furilia”, you will learn about the most popular myths about hair care and become witnesses to their exposure!

Myth number 1: to grow hair faster, they need to be cut more often

The Most Popular Myths About Hair Care
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True: with the help of a haircut, you can only update your hairstyle, but hair from this will not accelerate your growth. Why is this happening? Hair growth starts from the roots, not from the ends. On average, hair length is increased by 1 cm per month. If you arrange a monthly cutting of the strands, their length will remain the same as it was before. It may even get shorter.

There is an opinion that shaving baldly can make a new head thicker. This is not so, since the number of hair follicles is laid at the genetic level.

Myth number 2: hair dryers harm your hair and it’s better to dry it naturally

True: owners of short haircuts do not need to use a hairdryer. Their hair will dry in minutes. But for drying long hair it is better to use a hairdryer. This is due to the fact that when washing water molecules penetrate into the hair. They increase in volume and their outer protective layer is fully revealed. The strands become dry and brittle. If you do not dry your head immediately, cracks may appear on the protective layer of hair, so you need to dry them immediately after washing.

Myth # 3: You Can’t Always Use the Same Shampoo

The Most Popular Myths About Hair Care
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Truth: this belief has no scientific basis, despite its vitality and prevalence. Hair and nails are made up of dead tissue that cannot get used to certain substances. If the hair quickly becomes dirty or grows slowly, this is not affected by the choice of brand of shampoo, but by many other factors. Buying a certain brand  will not cause addiction.

Myth # 4: Dandruff is due to dry scalp

True: everything happens exactly the opposite. Dandruff appears if the scalp is more prone to oily. It is impossible to cure seborrhea with hair oil. On the contrary, you should stop using it so as not to worsen the condition of the skin.

Myth number 5: the more often you comb your hair, the healthier it is

The Most Popular Myths About Hair Care
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True: this myth originates from those times when combing was replaced by washing of the head, and hygiene was simply not followed.

If you comb your hair too often, it will get dirty faster due to the spread of sebum. Permanent combing will not benefit your hair and will not make them healthier. On the contrary, they can cause significant harm – to make brittle and split. Pick up the comb should only be when it is really necessary. In this case, the amount of fat on the hair will be much less. This will give the curls shine without making them dirty in appearance.

Stimulating blood circulation in the scalp is very beneficial. At the same time, hair follicles are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients. This has a positive effect on hair growth. Nevertheless, it is better to replace the most expensive brush with light massage movements with your fingertips.

Frequent intensive combing damages and breaks healthy hair, tearing bulbs that can grow for a long time.

You need to comb your hair gently, start at the tips and avoid sudden movements.

Myth # 6: Hair Thickness Depends on Proper Care

Truth: this is an advertising move that should not deceive you. The thickness of the hair and the number of follicles depends on hereditary factors. No shampoo with a tempting slogan can affect them.

Myth No. 7: Oily hair depends on the frequency of shampooing.

The Most Popular Myths About Hair Care
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True: the amount of fat produced by fat cells depends on hereditary factors and is laid down at the genetic level. Your hair will become oily regardless of whether you wash your hair every day or once a week. To normalize the sebaceous glands, it is enough to choose the right care products. Then the hair will stay clean longer.

Myth number 8: in place of each torn gray hair, several new ones will grow

True: the amount of hair in a person is not affected by care and proper nutrition. Hair pulling does not cause new ones. If you are very carried away by this action, you can damage the hair follicles and cause hair regrowth.

Myth number 9: brunettes have stronger hair than blondes

The Most Popular Myths About Hair Care
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True: hair is subject to brittleness, regardless of its color, especially with artificial coloring. The division of shampoos, masks and balms on the line should not be trusted. It is used purely for commercial purposes.

Myth number 10: hair products from specialized stores are better than products from a supermarket or pharmacy

True: almost the same ingredients are included in hair products of different price categories. The quality of the goods with its price is in no way connected.

Myth number 11: you can dye your hair without harming them

Truth: any hair dye contains hydrogen peroxide. To change the color of the hair, it is necessary to destroy the shell protecting them, so that the molecules of the paint penetrate the hair and change its color. Ammonia destroys the shell, and peroxide (or peroxide) is involved in the elimination of its own color.

Any color change negatively affects the quality of the hair.

And now the whole truth about hair care

  • From prolonged stress, hair turns gray and falls out

The increased production of adrenaline as a stress hormone can affect the structure of DNA. This disrupts the production of the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the color of the hair. Stress prevention is the best way to maintain a youthful appearance.

The Most Popular Myths About Hair Care
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Against the backdrop of emotional upheaval, a premature stage of rest of the hair follicles can occur. As a result, increased hair loss and a slowdown in the growth of new ones begin. The consequences of stress can occur much later, so paying attention to the hair is necessary after each strong experience.

  • In the summer, hair growth is enhanced

With the onset of cold weather, blood flow to the internal organs increases to maintain normal body temperature. The scalp receives much less oxygen and nutrients, which slows down the rate of hair growth and affects their condition. In the summer, increased blood circulation stimulates the activity of hair follicles. At this time, the growth rate of curls increases by 10-15%. Therefore, in winter, accelerated growth can be achieved with masks with a warming effect.

And what myths did you believe in before reading our material? Write us in the comments!

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