Do You Believe Too? 6+ Myths About Eggs

Do You Believe Too? 6+ Myths About Eggs

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There are many recipes for cooking eggs, and probably no less than myths about them! Someone thinks that eggs raise cholesterol, others that you can only eat eggs of domestic chicken …

Myths about eggs!

We will answer all controversial issues, based on science!

Do You Believe Too? 6+ Myths About Eggs

Myth number 1: Raw eggs healthier than boiled

Many people use raw eggs to build muscle, restore voice, or to lower the acidity of the stomach. You should not be afraid of getting infected with salmonella, because in practice only 1 egg out of 30,000 is infected. However, the benefits of raw eggs are exaggerated: raw protein is not digested as well as cooked, for example, biotin (vitamin B7) will be blocked and not digested. At the same time, heat-treated eggs also lose a number of useful substances: potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A and B5.

Myth number 2: To lose weight – do not eat yolks

Many people believe in this, completely eliminating the yolks from the diet. But the yolk contains additional protein, as well as a number of useful substances, such as vitamin D, which helps the absorption of calcium, as well as choline which improves the functioning of the liver.

  • Experiments of the US Cardiologists Association have confirmed that eating 1 egg a day for breakfast (instead of sweets), you reduce your daily calorie intake.

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Myth number 3: Eggs should be washed and stored only in the refrigerator

Do You Believe Too? 6+ Myths About Eggs

Different countries have different rules: in European countries it is customary to store eggs in a room. And residents of the United States, Japan, Australia and Scandinavia usually wash the eggshell to prevent salmonellae.

  • During washing, the natural protective layer of eggs is erased, which contributes to a longer storage of the product. Keeping eggs in the refrigerator doubles shelf life. To protect against salmonella, chickens are simply vaccinated.

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Myth number 4: The brighter the color of the yolk – the more useful the egg

In fact, the color of the yolk depends on the diet of the chicken: the more carotenoids the bird consumes, the richer the color of the yolk will be. So, nettle, corn, alfalfa “paint” the yolk in brighter colors. But a light or dull yolk does not indicate a poor egg quality!

Myth number 5: No matter how the eggs are cooked – the benefits are the same.

Just eating eggs is not enough, it is important to cook them correctly! Scrambled eggs, or baked in the oven, lose about 45% of vitamin D. Whereas boiled eggs or eggs retain up to 90% of this useful vitamin!

Myth number 6: In fertilized eggs, more good

It is no secret that the chicken carries eggs without a rooster, but such eggs do not turn into chickens. Many believe that fertilized eggs are much more useful than normal eggs, but this is a delusion. What matters is the freshness of the product!

Do You Believe Too? 6+ Myths About Eggs
  • It is better to keep eggs on the shelves of the refrigerator, because the door is constantly opening and is considered the warmest place in it.
  • Quail eggs, though richer with beneficial elements, but a tangible effect can be seen only with their regular use.

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