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The Most Unusual Wedding Feast Took Place In Singapore Due To Coronavirus!

The Most Unusual Wedding Feast Took Place In Singapore Due To Coronavirus! 40

The Most Unusual Wedding Feast Took Place In Singapore Due To Coronavirus! The wedding banquet, which no doubt will be remembered by both the newlyweds and guests, was held in Singapore. There was simply no bride and groom on it – physically they were in a completely different place. And the fault is coronavirus.

According to the newspaper Zaobao, the newlyweds shortly before the wedding returned from the Chinese province of Hunan, where there was an outbreak of coronavirus. And because of this, they were in quarantine, it was simply not safe to join the guests.

After all, there was a risk of infecting guests with coronavirus during the incubation period, which is 14 days.

But they did not dare to cancel the wedding banquet. Instead, it was decided to hold a teleconference with the assembled guests.

The newlyweds saw the guests on the laptop screen and in every possible way kept in touch with them: they joked, laughed, listened to toasts and drank champagne – as if they were present at the banquet with everyone.

The Most Unusual Wedding Feast Took Place In Singapore Due To Coronavirus! 41

The publication reports that the ceremony was liked by the spouses, even despite the fact that they had to abandon some wedding traditions, such as the solemn appearance of the bride. At the same time, as they think, the wedding was unique.

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Some additional thoughts about Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is rampant in China, the procession of which on the planet will end incomprehensibly with what? Who on the net  just did not write about this virus, whom did they blame? Nearly everybody! That the virus was made by the Americans to kill the Chinese, the virus was made by the Chinese to destroy the Americans, the virus was made by the Chinese Komsomol members to remove the Chinese Communists at the helm, the virus was made by globalists who want to kill all of humanity, the virus was made by the Zionists, since they are damned and if something happens somewhere, then they are always to blame for the first thing .

All, obviously, the conspiracy theorists listed, forgetting only the most important character – planet Earth.

The Most Unusual Wedding Feast Took Place In Singapore Due To Coronavirus! 42


But what if our planet is reasonable? If we assume that either the planet, or even just the global biosphere has a mind, then for this mind there is no problem to invent a couple of microbes that will restart evolution.

They will spread throughout the lithosphere and all those who drill holes in it (meaning us). Perhaps this has happened more than once in the history of the Earth, it is possible that something similar is happening again now. And the fact that all the misfortunes of people fell somehow at one time and in one bottle once again.

 If you believe the experience and probability theory in itself, this does not happen and involves someone’s intent. Therefore, all these volcanoes / hurricanes / earthquakes, and all these droughts, floods, and invasions of different plagues may well come from the planet itself, which decided to clear itself of locusts (again meaning us :)) crawling over it.

Therefore, we continue to monitor the development of events,  probably nearly everyone is interested now: what has the Earth prepared for humanity for an epic finale :)? Just thinking…..

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