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There Will Be No Wedding! 4 Signs Of the Zodiac Which Do Not See Marriage In Their Future

There Will Be No Wedding! 4 Signs Of the Zodiac Which Do Not See Marriage In Their Future 36

Are you dreaming of getting married, but your boyfriend still does not make you an offer? Check he belongs to those zodiac signs that do not bind themselves by marriage. Yes, yes, among them there are those who, from the mere thought of a wedding, fall into a stupor and become covered with cold sweat. In “FURILIA” We’ll tell you from whom you can never wait for an engagement ring.

4 zodiac signs that do not want to get married

Of course, there are exceptions … What if you’re lucky?


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These people set the rules by which they live, and strictly adhere to them. Values ​​and principles for them are not an empty phrase, and Aries rarely do them for the sake of maintaining relations. They can not stand it when they are presented with a choice, so it is useless to put forward ultimatums. Representatives of this zodiac sign are too selfish to sacrifice themselves for another person. First of all, they love and value themselves, which is regarded by others as a manifestation of extreme egoism.


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People born under this zodiac sign are very sociable and are good interlocutors. They are charming, eloquent and self-confident. A Gemini knows how to maintain a conversation and entertain others. But as soon as it comes to a serious relationship and wedding, they do not know what to say, and literally “swallow their tongue”. Representatives of this sign are used to living light and going on dates, because they like fun and communication, but nothing more.


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These people are used to go with the flow. They are not those who take life too seriously. They like freedom and unlimited communication with friends. Sagittarius is attracted by the idea of ​​meeting someone, but when it comes to a serious relationship, they tend to disappear. Nothing should encroach on their independence and freedom. It seems to the representatives of this zodiac sign that marriage will stop their personal growth and will not give them the opportunity to do what they like in life.


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People born under this sign are very interesting personalities. They don’t seem to be against building a deep, trusting relationship, but nevertheless, they feel uncomfortable if they talk about the wedding with them. In addition, Aquariuses are very spontaneous people and it is impossible to predict how they will behave in the next moment. Not every girl can stand next to them for a long time. A minute ago, everything could be fine, but at the end, their next nature prevails and representatives of this zodiac sign “run away”.

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