Trendy Haircuts Spring 2019

Trendy Haircuts Spring 2019

Spring will come soon, and with it the desire to bring something new and extraordinary into your image. If your courage is not only enough for a new blouse, but also for a haircut, here are a few ideas that you can bring to life!

What haircut should I choose?

Stylists argue that the lightness of being will rule the ball, so haircuts become shorter, more asymmetric and voluminous. The approach to styling will also change, you can experiment plenty without worrying about your appearance. Among the most popular options stand out: corrugation, waves, spirals. And, of course, the classic smooth styling.

pixie haircut ragged tips

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1. Pixie

Pixie has already managed to break into fashion magazines and leave its mark on the hearts of stylish girls. But this year, this haircut will be a real hit, especially since it is perfect for girls with soft features. This haircut has its own special aura, and if you feel that slight flimsy is about you, then you know what to ask for a hairdresser.

kare on short hair

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2. Bob and bob

The “bob” triumph was about twenty years ago, and now he comes in the second round. This year, he will shorten a little more, elegantly framing his chin. After him, the haircut “garcon” will return to the clip of stylish_fashionable_youngs, which has fallen in love with the owners of bold character and thick hair. Will undergo a slight modification of the good old “square”. Particularly relevant will be the option with slightly elongated strands resembling needles.

3. Long hair

Speaking of haircuts on average length, then here everything is to the density and shortening, so in the trend cascading haircuts. Various options of “torn” tips and bundle. If you value length, you can visually remove the length using large waves on the curls.

cascading haircut for long hair

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Greetings from the 70s

Soft cascade transition and length just below the clavicle. Hair will resemble a fringe that frames your face, adding femininity to it and emphasizing features. This haircut has already hit the tops of summer trends.

hair below shoulders haircut

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The Expendables

curly hair girl

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In addition to torn tips and soft waves, just crazy coachmen will break into the trend lists. You can afford negligence and at any length. This is precisely the trend feature: complete free will and a flight of fancy!

Follow the trends, but keep the individuality. Remember, there is nothing better than balance! ?

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