Intuition Test: Choose a Tarot Card and Find Out What Awaits You

Intuition Test: Choose a Tarot Card and Find Out What Awaits You

Do you believe in intuition? And in divination and prediction? In any case, thousands of fortune tellers predict the fate of people on the Tarot cards, and believe them or not everyone’s choice. In the age of progress, it is not necessary to look for the seer to find out the fate of the Tarot cards. You can choose one of the offered cards and find out what awaits you in the near future.

Intuition test

In childhood, all the girls guessed on the cards or summoned mystical characters. Want to remember the old days and feel the excitement when you can learn something supernatural and mystical? Then choose a card!

Tarot cards

tarot cards

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Tarot cards – the old system of divination, which appeared in the Middle Ages. Each card has a complex philosophical, astrological and esoteric meaning. It is believed that the cards have secret knowledge and are able to predict the fate of a person. Choose one of the offered cards and find out what awaits you.

You chose # 1 Nine Cups

Tarot card

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The card symbolizes the fulfillment of desires, pleasure, guaranteed success and health. This year will be good for you. It’s time to start enjoying life and getting everything from it, because you deserve it. Map Nine Cups symbolizes the reward for the works. All your efforts and efforts will be appreciated, so you can finally relax and enjoy a well-deserved applause.

You have sacrificed yourself for too long, so it’s hard to admit that you deserve a reward. Just believe that people now look at you completely differently. They heed your advice and follow your lead.

You have chosen No.2 Three Wands

Tarot Card Three Wands

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The map symbolizes the search for the unknown, the expansion of horizons. This is an impulsive card that encourages action and brings good luck. You will overwhelm confidence and frenzied activity. All you have to do is believe in yourself. You will feel excitement and enthusiasm when you take on new things.

This year you will need to make some important decisions that will bring you relief. In the past, you had a period of stagnation, but now it is over. It is time to leave all adversity and move forward.

You have chosen No.3 Chariot

Tarot chariot card

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The card symbolizes triumph over circumstances, goal achievement and self-awareness. For a long time you could not recover from the shocks and failures that have befallen you. But you have overcome them and now keep heading forward to the top.

“Chariot” is a card of a leader who goes to his goal no matter what. Surrounding you will interfere with you and challenge you, at such moments it is important not to go astray and hold your course firmly. Success depends on your willpower and ability to control the situation.

You have chosen number 4 Six Swords

Six swords card

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This is a chance to recover from difficulties and escape from problems. You are trying to distance yourself from difficulties and restore mental balance. You will have a chance to leave behind a hectic past. “Six swords” symbolizes the transition from one emotional state to another.

Perhaps you still have to face unresolved problems, but by that time you will fully recover and be fully armed. The main thing is to take time for yourself and put your thoughts in order.

You chose No. 5 Seven Penctals

Tarot card seven penctals

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You will receive remuneration for work and time for calm consideration of alternatives and other approaches to solving life tasks. The Seven Penctals is patience, expectation and departure from something that does not work in favor of more promising solutions.

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Another card symbolizes frustration and a long wait, but it is also an opportunity to heal, take a step back and look at things from a different angle and redefine your life goals. The positive thing is that you will learn from failures in order to get the maximum return in the future.

You have chosen No. 6 Nine Penctals

Tarot nine penctals

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Nine penctals is a balance of material and spiritual. Ability to gain mental balance and material well-being. Soon you will be able to reap the fruits of your labors and switch to spiritual development.

You may feel that you are fading and do not want to move forward anymore. It is at such a moment that one should pay more attention to spirituality and self-knowledge.

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