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What Do Miss Universe-2018 Participants Actually Look Like Without Makeup?

What Do Miss Universe-2018 Participants Actually Look Like Without Makeup? 36

Miss Universe-2018 beauty contest where models showed you beautiful national costumes and even started sharing photos without makeup. We have prepared for you our photo selection on how the participants of the competition actually look without makeup.

Representatives of countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, China, Myanmar, Finland, Germany and others were not afraid to show themselves to the public without professional make-up on their face! And it deserves our respect …

What do Miss Universe 2018 models actually look like without makeup?

Eniko Keskes, Hungary

This girl is gorgeous with and without makeup! But, of course, makeup does its job and really hides some minor minor flaws. Eniko Keskes can be proud of her extraordinary beauty …

Eniko Keskes

Hinn Thwey U Aung, Myanmar

And here is the representative of Myanmar without makeup. Would you recognize a girl? Hnin Thuey Yu Aung is a pretty person who is still wearing makeup!

Hinn Thwey Yu Aung

Alina Voronkova, Finland

Smiling blonde from Finland, too, was not afraid to show off without makeup. And rightly so! After all, she goes so natural …

Alina Voronkova

Maesu Keen, China

Chinese representative without bright lips and mascara on the eyes. What do you say, a big difference? It seems to us that Mace Keen looks just fine without makeup! Solid charms and charm …

Maysu keen

Kimberly Yusling, Aruba

And here, perhaps, we are sure that the make-up only paints the girl. That is what a participant in the contest named Kimberly Yusling looks like, who showed herself without cosmetics. What do you say?

Kimberly Yusling

Celine Flores Willers, Germany

Another beautiful blonde and representative of Germany. Celine Flores Willers feels great without makeup! Just look at her confident look and sweet smile.

Celine Flores Willers

Akpen Diat Hoggar, Ghana

An extraordinary girl from Ghana also decided to showcase her natural beauty. And you know what? She really is going! Down with cosmetics ?

Akpen Diata Hoggar

Karina Josan, Ukraine

This is exactly what Ukrainian representative at the Miss Universe-2018 beauty contest looks like. It should be noted that Karina Josan is very pretty. Here is just one question – is it her real lips?

Karina Josan

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