“Where is my wife?” What Do Brides Look Like Before And After Makeup

“Where is my wife?” What Do Brides Look Like Before And After Makeup

A beautiful bride is the main character of the wedding; naturally, her make-up and dress require special attention. But sometimes, a make-up artist can try so hard that even the groom will not immediately understand who this beauty is and where his wife has gone!

What do brides look like before and after makeup: 10 photos in contrast

We have collected for you unique photos of transformations of girls and women before and after the wedding make-up. Popular make-up artist from Kosovo Arber bytyqi Regularly shares these transformations with subscribers! Looking at his work, we can safely say that the guy is nothing more than a godfather for modern Cinderella. ?

1. When wedding makeup is much more than that.

Now it is clear why such luxurious beauties are on Instagram photos. After all, they are working on these pros. P.S. Everything is fine with us! ?

2. Skillful hands make-up artist work wonders

The main thing here is not to overdo it, because the line between “luxurious evening make-up” and “better wash” is very thin!

3. This is what it means to “emphasize dignity”

When a girl is so charming and sweet, good makeup becomes just a decent frame.

4. Turn into a princess is much easier than it seems ?

It is terrible to even imagine what we would do without makeup …

5. A charming smile and a radiant look do not even draw Arber!

High-quality makeup – akin to therapy, all instantly shine and blossom in front of your eyes! Ah, beauty, nevertheless, will save the world …

6. Naughty glitter in the eyes – almost everything you need!

When the reflection in the mirror pleases – any difficulties are practically canceled! ?

7. Full harmony of external and internal …

Whatever one may say, Marilyn was right in saying that good mascara is our strongest weapon! Is someone ready to argue? ?

8. Here is an upgrade!

Why Were the Royal Exes at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding?

It is not enough to have cosmetics, it is important who has it in hands! So, going to the wedding make-up, find the “golden pens” at any cost!

9. The doll became a butterfly

When beauty is already in full bloom, and just place accents, it turns out a super effect!

10. Confidence – one more bonus of elegant makeup!

Beauty is our main weapon. ? So do not neglect the possibility of being even more attractive not only on the wedding day …

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Be beautiful in every sense! And share with friends!

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