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10 Changes That Will Happen To Your Body If You Go Walking

10 Changes That Will Happen To Your Body If You Go Walking 36

Have you heard Hippocrates saying that walking is man’s best medicine? And in combination with a healthy sleep and a reasonable diet, she is able to postpone a trip to the doctor for a long time. We are in the magazine “Furilia” tell you:

What 10 things will happen to your body if you start walking every day

Enough 15-30 minutes of leisurely walks daily to significantly improve your appearance and health.

1. Thoughts come to order

girl's face in the night sky

Walking has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression in patients with mental disorders. Moreover, they are effective in fighting fatigue and droopy spirits. A peppy promenade with friends or lovers will quickly cheer you up and give you a feeling of happiness.

2. Back pain will subside

man holding his back, standing on the road
Photo: Twitter

If for some reason your workouts cause you back pain, replace them with walking. Unlike the same run, it is a gentle and calm type of physical activity. Walking promotes better blood circulation, improves posture and flexibility, which is important for back health.

3. Bones and joints will become stronger

girl holds on to a sore knee
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Simple walking provides joint mobility, prevents bone loss and even reduces the risk of fractures. Doctors recommend walking for 30 minutes daily to reduce pain in arthritis, relieve stiffness and remove inflammation.

4. The muscles will tone

muscle mass
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Hiking can help reduce weight and strengthen the body’s muscle corset. 10,000 steps per day can be equated to a full-fledged workout in the gym, especially if you choose rugged terrain or climb a mountain. In addition, the muscles will not hurt as after exercise in the gym, which means you will not miss the next walk.

5. Digestion will improve

drawing of human internal organs

Daily walks for half an hour not only reduce the risk of bowel cancer in the future, but also improve digestion, relieving constipation. It has been proven that walking regulates the bowel and supports its health.

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6. The risk of diabetes will decrease

human rib cage
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It’s hard to believe, but walking is much more effective in preventing diabetes than running. A study conducted by scientists showed that the group of “walkers” glucose tolerance improved by 6 times compared with the group of “runners” for a period of 6 months.

7. The volume of lungs will increase

lung pattern

Hiking increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and trains the lungs, helping the body clear itself of toxins. A deeper breathing while walking reduces the symptoms of many pulmonary diseases.

8. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

human cardiovascular system
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To avoid a stroke and a heart attack, it is useful not only to run, but just walk. Hiking relieves heart problems by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, while also improving blood circulation.

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9. Vision will improve

female eye

It would seem, what is the connection between the eyes and the legs? But scientists have proven that walking has a positive effect on vision, too. It reduces the risk of developing glaucoma by reducing intraocular pressure.

10. Brain activity will increase

human brain drawing
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Research has shown that daily walks prevent the early development of dementia, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, and generally improve mental health. In addition, walking removes signs of stress and increases the level of endorphins in the blood.

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