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Urgent Throw: Things that spoil the aura in your home

Urgent Throw: Things that spoil the aura in your home 36

Each house has its own atmosphere and aura. And it is formed not only by the people living in this dwelling, but also by things. It so happens that in one house everything is harmonious and smooth, and in another there are quarrels and misfortunes as frequent guests. If you are tired of the failures that are constantly pursuing you, of quarrels with your household, of the fact that everything falls apart, then it’s time not only to understand yourself, but also to examine your habitat. Is everything all right, or maybe there are so-called “wrong” things in your house that spoil your home aura and steal your energy?

Today we will tell you about things that, with their presence, spoil not only the aura of the house, but also your life

Take a look around and quickly clean your house from excess. If you have the following things, then they need to be thrown out urgently!

First of all, say “NO” to everything torn, broken, worn out in your house. What about your slippers? Are they all right? These items are capable of attracting and concentrating negative energy. If your slippers are more than a year old, then it’s time for you to say “Come on, goodbye!” Exactly this is worth doing not only with clothes, shoes, but also with dishes and household appliances. Review your plates and cups. Broken dishes may brake out all your quarrels in the house. Household appliances that fail, not only clutters up the space, but also spoil the energy in the house, preventing the passage of positive energy.

broken dishes

Ivy, out of the house! And with it, all other climbing plants. Their place is on the street, but in the house, these plants should not be. They say that they attract diseases.

Do you like to store dried flowers in the house? Many do this, leaving and drying as a keepsake a beautiful bouquet presented for a special occasion. Remember, dried flowers have no place in the house. And many people like to keep reeds rocking at home. This also does not need to be done. Because they attract diseases and adversities to the house. Do you need them? Now, if you want happiness and prosperity, then buy a begonia better. She is considered a symbol of family well-being and wealth in the house.  All dried and artificial flowers have a place in the cemetery! Alive alive, remember the golden rule!

dry flowers

Many manage to plant such beautiful flowers as pansies at home. In the garden, it’s just fine, but they should not be in the house. Often this flower is planted at the graves. It carries bad energy. Therefore, do not breed it on window sills. Yes, and do not grow them at home. Checked! They need fresh air and plenty of sunlight.

Do you know such people who have a Christmas tree until the summer, and maybe longer? They are such either lazy personalities, or adorers of needles. And some decorate the house with coniferous branches. But do not store them longer than the New Year holidays. It is considered a bad omen to keep coniferous branches in the house. Therefore, once the Christmas holidays end, take away the spruce from the house.


Do you have palm trees growing at home? In fact, there are a lot of varieties. But this plant is not recommended to be kept in the house, because it attracts scandals and quarrels.

Photos of deceased relatives should not be visible to everyone. They say that constantly looking at the pictures of the deceased, you get in touch with the other world. Send these photos to an album, away from pictures of living people, out of sight, so to speak. And do not look at them daily. In order not to be upset and not to direct your gaze into the world of the dead.

If you moved to a new home, it is recommended to get rid of all those things that belonged to former residents. Each thing carries its own energy. Do you need them?


We hope you take our advice into service, inspect your home and get rid of the cause of your failures and constant quarrels in the family. Share this useful information with your friends.

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