4 Fashion Week Trends to Try at Home

4 Fashion Week Trends to Try at Home

ben March 2, 2018 0

By: Caylin Harris

We bet you didn’t realize that the models strutting down the catwalk in New York City wouldn’t only be influencing your wardrobe. Thanks to the trickle-down effect we see in the industry, the colors and patterns that show up during New York Fashion Week often end up in your living room too. Here’s a closer look at four trends that can go from runway to real life.

Animal prints:

4 Fashion Week Trends to Try at Home

Images via Vogue.com (Carolina Herrera F/W 2018) and MyDomaine

Practically a neutral, a good leopard print is just as versatile as basic black. We see animal prints cycle in and out every few years so it shouldn’t be a shock that they’re back. While we’re not suggesting you deck out your entire living room Graceland-style, mix these patterns with others or use a more subtle/abstract interpretation to dip a toe into this trend.


4 Fashion Week Trends to Try at Home

Images via Vogue.com (Tory Burch F/W 2018) and Nordic Design

Rich, saturated hues will be filling your closet, especially orange. Not for the faint of heart, orange is a bold way to add a little energy to your space. Use it as a statement maker in a more neutral room—it pairs nicely with a crisp white or grey. Or if you’re hesitant to go too bright add pops of orange in a cooler space that’s full of blue and turquoise tones.


4 Fashion Week Trends to Try at Home

Images via Vogue.com (Jason Wu F/W 2018) and Coco Kelley

One of the biggest shows at fashion week, Marc Jacobs is always a trendsetter. So when you start seeing patterns repeat within the designer’s line, you know you’ll be seeing them again and everywhere. Beautiful plaids in unexpected color combinations help this classic feel fresh instead of old- fashioned. Bold oranges, blues, pinks, and browns combine for a more modern look. Mixed in with other patterns or as a bold accessory to a neutral piece of furniture, we’re sure we’ll be seeing plaid pop up in all sorts of textiles.


4 Fashion Week Trends to Try at Home

Images via Vogue.com (Hellessy F/W 2018) and Domino

We know, we know. Florals aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but you’re going to be wowed by the modern takes on these flowers. They’re more Marimekko and less Monet if you know what we’re saying. These clean, minimal floral shapes are showing up in bold hues instead of pastels or they’re done in monochromatic colors. What this means is that this pattern will feel less fussy and way more versatile.

Who knew your closet could provide so much decorating inspiration? Have fun trying your hand at incorporating these fresh new finds into your existing decor.