5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

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We spend so much time and effort on our faces yet we often neglect our hands. They deserve some love too, especially during the cold, dry winter months. So don’t wait for your skin to chap, crack or bleed! Whoever holds your hand definitely prefers it to be smooth and soft rather than rough and dry, right?

I tried 5 cute hand creams, comparing their scents, moisturizing powers and prices. To make this easier to read, I’m referring to each product by its character mascot and have included their list prices too. Let’s see which one’s the best for you!

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!
They’re all white except for Gudetama’s, which is creamy yellow.

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!
This was my initial skin moisture level indicated by the first number (24%).
The second number shows my initial sebum level (40%).

1. MandomDear Flora Disney Snow White
Oil In Hand & Nail Cream (Fruity Cocktail)

US$8.9/60ml ($0.148/ml)

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try! 5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

This Snow White-dedicated hand cream boasts a pleasant, lingering blend of fruity and floral scents. The floral oils and beeswax help seal in skin moisture and protect your nails. Despite its princessy appearance and big cap, which I don’t like, this cream’s actually more nourishing than expected and I honestly love the smell!

2. LovisiaPokemon Hand Cream (Pikachu)
US$12.9/40ml ($0.324/ml)

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try! 5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

This Pikachu hand cream greatly resembles Cony’s cream from MISSHA in terms of scent, texture and moisturizing ability. It obtains its scent from pink bouquets and contains collagen and hyaluronic acid for hydration. I have no complaints except that it’s a bit pricey.

3. Holika HolikaSweet Peko Hand Cream (Peach)
US$5.9/30ml ($0.197/ml)

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try! 5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

Starring Peko’s boyfriend Poko, this cream offers a sweet peach scent comprising top notes of orange and pink grapefruit, with mandarin, kumquat and jasmine as the main, and woody notes of white musk as the base. The scent is rather strong compared to the other creams but it doesn’t linger. The cream also has a refreshing and quick-absorbing sherbet texture. After trying it out, I feel like it’s less nourishing and more suitable for people with sweaty hands.

4. MISSHALine Friends Love Secret Hand Cream (Wild Cherry)
US$4.9/30ml ($0.163/ml)

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try! 5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

The wild cherry version of MISSHA’s Line Friends Creams features Cony on its packaging and includes a Cony paper bookmark. The cream is formulated with meadowfoam seed oil and shea butter for moisturizing benefits, plus cherry extract to condition the skin. The cream claims to have a “sweet and sour cherry scent” but to me, it smells more floral. The scent also dissipates quite easily.

5. Holika HolikaGudetama Lazy & Joy Dessert Hand Cream 3-Piece Set
US$12.9/90ml ($0.143/ml)

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try! 5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

This set comes in 3 flavors: custard, sherbet and cream cheese. I tried the custard option. It’s hard to describe the scent – sugary but not overwhelming. Adhering to the Gudetama theme, all 3 creams contain albumin and egg yolk extracts as well as milk protein and shea butter to brighten and hydrate skin. Compared to the rest, this cream’s more nourishing and stays on skin longer. I also found it more powdery, just like custard!

The Verdict

Here are my personal rankings:
Best Scent: Snow White> Pikachu> Cony
Most Moisturizing: Gudetama> Snow White> Pikachu
Best Bargain: Gudetama> Snow White> Cony
Cutest Packaging: It all depends on which character you love the most! I personally like the Gudetama concept since it literally turns the character into desserts instead of just using it without modifying its look.

Overall, I’d go for the Gudetama cream for its concept, moisturizing power and value for money. Snow White should come second but I’m not into princesses and it’s a little too big to carry around. The Pikachu cream is the most ideally-sized for me.

MISSHADashing Diva Magic Gel Strip (Tinted Coral)

Can I also draw your attention to my nails? As it turns out, these nail stickers were the best findings during this trial!

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

Each set comes with 30 strips in complementary colors and different sizes. They were super easy to use, looked flawless and didn’t chip or peel off. I didn’t even file my nails nor wipe them with alcohol before sticking the strips on, yet they adhered smoothly and were as comfy as nail polish (minus the smell or possible harm to your nails from chemicals). They were also extremely easy to remove without leaving any stain or traces of glue. You just have to peel them off!

It took me an hour to finish putting the nail stickers on. The most time-consuming part was finding the right size. If the size is not perfect, I tend to choose one that’s smaller since extra edges on the cuticle can look odd and cause the strip to wear off more easily.

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There were 8 golden glitter strips and 22 ombré peach pink ones (some with gold specks towards the bottom) in the package. The golden strips come on separate sheets and are smaller, so I could only fit them onto my index and pinky fingers. They were excellent; the glitter makes it less obvious even when the edges aren’t properly trimmed or the size isn’t perfect. The glitter was very vivid and didn’t fall off. Even the plain ones are exquisitely printed so they didn’t look pixelated.

5 Cute Hand Creams To Try!

How To Take Good Care Of Skin Wherever You Are

How to apply: Choose the size that fits you best and apply from the cuticle (don’t overlap it) and gently press down. File away the extra bits using the gray side of the complementary emery board. Then use the white side of the emery board to further polish the edges. You can use a nail clipper to trim your nails down after a week or two, but using the emery board instead of a nail clipper makes the edges look smoother when you first remove the extra bits. I also recommend using a sharper nail clipper.

These hassle- and hazard-free nail stickers are heaven-sent for those who can’t paint properly, or are too impatient wait for the varnish to dry. They’re also less prone to chipping than nail varnish. They’re especially handy if you need patterns or glitter on your nails. I see no reason not to stock up on these!

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