5 Detox Products for Everyday

5 Detox Products for Everyday

ben January 24, 2020 0
5 Detox Products for Everyday
5 Detox Products for Everyday

During the working week, it is very difficult to deny yourself unnecessary pleasure pies or a piece of cake and a couple of donuts. What can we say about alcohol, which is a frequent guest of every weekend. The first rule is to not overeat to preserve your figure and health. Eat whatever you want, but in small portions and often. The second rule that should help is to include healthy foods in your diet and detox products and food that will help maintain the body in order. Find out in this article about 5 best everyday detox products.

We have compiled a list of the five most healthy foods!


Lemons accelerate the metabolism and activate the digestive process. They also contain vitamin C, which is useful in wintertime. If lemon is not your favorite product, replace it with oranges and tangerines during this holiday season.

5 Detox Products for Everyday
Lemon. One of 5 detox products


Garlic is extremely useful during the holiday season, as it protects our liver. In addition, garlic is a natural antibiotic and antioxidant. Do not eat a lot of garlic, just add a little bit to the salad to feel the effect.


Another mega-useful product which perfectly cleanses the liver. Beets also have choleretic properties. Beetroot stimulates the digestive system, helps with constipation.

Sauerkraut/ Pickled Cabbage

It turns out that this is not a myth that you can lose weight from sauerkraut/pickled cabbage.

Elements contained in sauerkraut break down fats, which helps to maintain an ideal figure even during the holidays.

5 Detox Products for Everyday
Sauerkraut/ Pickled Cabbage. One of 5 detox products


This product removes toxins from the body, soothes the stomach lining and gives a feeling of fullness. Choose brown rice, as it is considered the most healthy.

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