5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays

5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays

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Many New Year’s eve parties go sideways – in the literal sense of the word. We will tell you how to cleanse the body and get in shape in just three days. Learn about 5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays!

5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays

We will show you how to save your figure and return to pre-holiday form in a matter of days.

Green detox

5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays

Green – because it is based on vegetables and green fruits. These are apples, pears, kiwi, cucumbers, fresh salad, broccoli, spinach and cabbage. A sample menu for the day looks like this: for breakfast, 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese, two green apples and green tea. For lunch – vegetable soup (preferably on water, but if it’s hard, chicken stock will do), and after an hour again an apple or other green fruit (just mind, bananas, even unripe ones, and grapes will not work). For dinner – low-fat steamed meat (chicken or turkey) or fish and coleslaw and cucumber salad.

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An important caveat – fruits should be in the morning. And, of course, during detox, you should give up alcohol, coffee, sweet and salty. 3-5 days will be enough to cleanse the body, “shrink” the stomach after the New Year’s feasts and restart the diet.

Express detox

5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays

This detox lasts three days – it’s difficult to withstand more, and it’s not necessary, in the end, any detox is a short-term measure to atone for culinary sins, and not a long-term diet or nutrition system. And so, in the days of the “express” should be excluded from the diet: alcohol, fast carbohydrates, meat, dairy products, cheeses, butter, sugar, fried, pastries, as well as coffee and black tea.

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What to leave? Green tea, fresh fruits, vegetables, white fish, tofu. So, for breakfast you can make smoothies, for example, from apple, avocado and seeds, as well as a cup of green tea. For lunch, eat vegetable salad, brown rice or buckwheat, or vegetable broth, and an apple or an orange as a dessert. For a snack a handful of walnuts or hazelnuts is allowed. For dinner – some grilled vegetables or steamed, as well as baked white fish and tofu. In between, drink water and herbal tea – of course, without sugar, sweeteners and honey, because one of your goals is to “nullify” and refresh the food receptors.

Vegetable Detox

5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays

A three-day program based on a vegetable diet. From the diet you need to remove butter, milk and cream, red meat, potatoes, bread, rice, salt, sugar, as well as sweets (even honey). You can eat fresh fruits (until 14:00) and vegetables (both fresh and steamed), fruit purees, natural yoghurts. Immediately after waking up, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and have breakfast with an omelet with vegetables (preferably baked in the oven).

For lunch – cabbage (or any other vegetable) soup and steamed vegetables. It can be, for example, zucchini with tomatoes, seasoned with lemon and a spoonful of olive oil. For dessert – applesauce. For a snack, drink mint or green tea with a “sweet” salad: just mix grated carrots, an apple, and walnut crumbs – believe me, it will be very tasty. For dinner, all the same vegetable soup, stewed or grilled vegetables, optionally you can add a glass of kefir with cinnamon. On the third day, to facilitate the body’s transition to the usual diet, for lunch you can afford a little boiled chicken breast or low-fat fish and chicken or fish broth instead of vegetable.

Citrus Detox

5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays

Citruses are the best antioxidants rich in vitamin C and other beneficial substances. But keep in mind that the detox built on them is categorically not suitable for people with gastrointestinal diseases – such as gastritis and ulcers. If you don’t have such obstacles, proceed: for breakfast – half a grapefruit, a boiled egg and a cup of green tea. As a lunch – a “sweet” salad of grated carrots, apples and walnuts.

At lunch, you can eat brown rice (a serving of no more than 5 tablespoons of finished cereals) and 100 grams of chicken breast steamed. At mid-afternoon, grapefruit and boiled egg again. The authors of detox advise to refrain from dinner and “cheat” hunger with warm herbal teas. Torment will be rewarded – in three days you will get rid of at least 2 kilograms.

Juice detox

5 Effective Detox Programs After The Holidays

The so-called “Juice Diet” was first popularized by Peter Glickman, who published the book “Improving and Cleansing the Body with Lemons”. Subsequently, the juice-based diet was called juicing – it was followed, for example, by Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltorow and even Jared Leto. Doctors note that if such a diet lasts a long time, it can harm the body, as it leads to metabolic disorders. To diabetics and people with gastrointestinal diseases, it is completely contraindicated.

Therefore, juice detox should not be carried away – three days is enough. Its meaning is to drink freshly squeezed juices instead of the main meals: for example, from orange, grapefruit, cucumber, apples, banana and celery (you can alternate the options to taste). Between meals, drink water.

It is necessary to exit juice detox carefully: on the first day you can not immediately pounce on heavy and fatty foods. It is better to return solid food to the diet gradually – you can start with dairy products, light soups, boiled eggs and stewed vegetables.

And one more little tip in the end: for the time of detox, give up active physical exertion – forces will not be enough for them. It is better to limit yourself to stretching, calm yoga and walking.

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