7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!

7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!

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Every year, women expect new perfumes from perfumers. Some become bestsellers, all strive to test them and replenish their collection with them, while other perfumes remain completely unnoticed.

Consider the fragrances that appeared in 2019 and claim to be the best perfumes of the year

Today, the trend is natural, fresh aromas that can emphasize the femininity and beauty of their owner.

Chance eau tendre

7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!
photo: amazon.co.uk

The weightless floral fragrance Chanel Chance appeared in 2010 and immediately captivated the hearts of girls with its weightlessness. It reflects the character of the woman with whom Chanel saw him: light, sonorous and mobile, balancing on the verge of frivolity and discipline.

Today he has become more confident and daring. It can be described as daytime, for the warm season. The manufacturer left the initial notes unchanged. The cedar, iris, ambergris and musk are heard here. The sound of jasmine in the heart remained unchanged. But it was decided to change the hyacinth to pink petals. The aftertaste of the aroma has become more saturated. Quince and grapefruit are clearly audible here.

Guilty Pour Femme

7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!photo: amazon.co.uk

A new oriental floral fragrance from Gucci, which is suitable for impudent people who do not tolerate any prohibitions. An American pop diva defiling in a cemetery starred in a commercial. To some, such a location may seem too gloomy, but it is fully consistent with the spirit of the brand.

The aroma begins to reveal notes of pink pepper and mandarin. In the center, lilac, peach and geranium are clearly audible, and the train is a mixture of ambergris and patchouli. Thanks to the combination of a powerful base with sweet fruits, the product turned out to be very balanced.

Black opium intense

7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!
photo: amazon.co.uk

Perfumery novelty from Yves Saint Laurent, like its predecessors, meets all the fashionable needs of modern girls. Mysterious and bewitching, he will become an excellent companion of a self-confident seducer who listens to her intuition and is ready for anything to achieve her goals.

This perfume is not for everyone. These will appeal to real gourmets who prefer oriental flavors. Perfume begins to unfold with bozena berry and absinthe. In the center, you can note jasmine, coffee beans and licorice. The finish is a veil of vanilla, sandalwood, licorice and orange blossoms.

The aroma is suitable for the dark during the cold season.

In love with you

7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!photo: perfumesclub.com

New product from the popular brand Giorgio Armani. The manufacturer has created a novelty for young girls in floral and fruit tones. But even women, whose soul remains young, can safely take advantage of them, since aroma is just a reflection of the internal state of its mistress.

Those who have already tested the new product, describe it as an exciting and joyful extravaganza. A sweet-fruit composition created from the aromas of raspberries, cherries and black currants. At the very heart are rose, jasmine, combined with bitter wormwood. In the end, patchouli is clearly audible. The novelty turned out to be both hot, thick and cooling. The best time for her would be midday summer.

Poison Hypnotic Roller Pearl

7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!photo: amazon.co.uk

The legendary Hypnotic Poison from Christian Dior has received a new guise. There are oriental notes and gourmet motifs that harmoniously complement each other. The aroma turned out to be exotic and moderately sweet, in which the spice is clearly audible. To achieve such a dizzying result, perfumers used a strange at first glance combination of a central note: caraway, geranium and tobacco. But it was in such an image that they managed to achieve the secrets of aroma.

Top notes of the composition are made up of coconut, plum and ripe apricot. Vanilla, sandalwood, musk and almonds will leave the trace.

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Sole di positano

7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!photo: amazon.co.uk

According to perfumers of the brand Tom Ford, this fragrance is simply created for a young girl living in a noisy metropolis. He conveys the romanticism of the Mediterranean resort, whispering about vacation and long walks on the coast in a light dress and a wide-brimmed hat.

The initial notes are a composition of citruses, including bitter orange, mandarin orange, petitgrain, bergamot and lemon. A little later, ylang-ylang, neroli, jasmine, lily of the valley and orange blossom are revealed. The train leaves the moss. Despite the huge list of components, the fragrance is very light and translucent. It is ideal for a summer afternoon.

Bronze wood & leather

7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!photo: thecandyperfumeboy.com

Jo Malone’s unisex fragrance deserves to be on the list of the best new products in 2019. Like other selective perfumes, an exclusive formula is used here. The fragrance is suitable for extraordinary individuals who are ready to rely on the opinion of the creator.

According to the developer, this perfume can be combined with its previous developments in the same series. For example, Wood Sage & Sea Salt, will allow you to feel the notes of the skin, and Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka will bring woody aroma to the forefront.

From the very beginning, you can feel the grapefruit freshness, after which the smoke and juniper characteristic of the male series will appear. The trail will be the smell of leather. At first glance, this is a typically masculine fragrance. However, many strong-willed women chose him for themselves.


7 Best Women Perfumes Of The Year!photo: amazon.co.uk

The new fragrance from Marc Jacobs attracts attention with its unique sweetness from the first minutes. Attractive is the bright yellow bottle with cheerful colors. This design was chosen to emphasize the optimism and beauty of their owner.

The aroma is based on notes of calendula and strawberry, which alternately change each other. This combination was not chosen by chance. It is these two plants, according to the author, that personify light, peace and tranquility. They allow you to relieve fatigue and calm. At the end, you can feel the woody notes that successfully set off the sweetness of the base notes.

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