9 Unexpected signs that make it easy to tell stupid from smart

9 Unexpected signs that make it easy to tell stupid from smart

ben September 9, 2020 0

The concepts of “smart” and “stupid” are relative, but psychologists have long deduced several non-verbal signs that will immediately make it clear who is in front of you. Awareness and behavior are important above all, not the ability to solve integrals at any time. Do you know how to tell stupid from smart?

People who follow their words and filter behavior create a pleasant impression from the first seconds of acquaintance. Other factors strengthen it and build the image of a meaningful, wise person. So where is the line that separates the smart from the stupid?

1. An intelligent person always has a goal

Any dialogue, in person or by phone call, is always a means to a certain goal. Smart people don’t talk for the sake of talking – then it’s just chatter. Stupid people do not mind chatting just like that – they indulge boredom and laziness in their free time, which would be logical to spend on something more important.

2. Smart people are not afraid of being alone

A person should not be bored alone with himself, because temporary isolation helps to know himself better and is an incentive for serious internal changes and analysis. The foolish are afraid to face the inner “emptiness”.

They are obsessed with social networks and constant information feed from the outside. This is logical, but everyone needs time to then listen to themselves and spend all the experience gained through the prism of their own consciousness.

3. Smart strives for balance

Equilibrium should be everywhere – smart people understand this, and draw a line between other people’s stories and personal experience, calculate risks, avoid templates and compare the inner feeling with real data. The stupid are often prone to extremes, but “black and white” does not exist, there is something in between. Between outside experience (movies, books, stories from friends) and your own experience.


4. The smart ones want more

People who try to understand themselves, are attentive to the little things and understand that the comfort zone leads to stagnation, impress others. The dumb ones follow the average cliches that make them similar to each other, which smart people try to avoid.

5. Smart communicates not only with words

Smart people can talk to creators through their creations, for example, with a writer through books. They know how to hear and understand the meanings that another person put into a work of art. Foolish people do not see the need for this and understand only one language – the language of words, ignoring millions of other ways of communication and spiritual fulfillment.

6. An intelligent person doesn’t stop halfway

Smart people will make every effort to complete the work they have started so as not to load themselves with “garbage” from unfinished business. Foolish people often give up after the first mistake or criticism from the outside. They care about the opinions of others, but not their own.

7. Smart understands that you have to pay for everything

In the modern world, everything that a person produces for the benefit of others is a service that must be paid for. Smart people understand this and gratefully pay tribute to the people-creators.

They are happy to create new things themselves, in order to give the world something of their own, and thus show sincere gratitude. The foolish, in turn, believe that they should be served, and regret the money spent on the things that surround them in everyday life.

8. Smart treats information with care

The smart ones understand that it is not worth cluttering the brain with tons of unnecessary information that a person receives during a certain time. It is not the facts that need to be understood, but the cause-and-effect relationship between them and their nature. An informational “detox” is peculiar to a smart person, and he is in no hurry to criticize before he understands it.

Foolish people consume information without thinking or filtering it.

They easily evaluate things and phenomena without knowing the exact circumstances, and with the help of criticism they create imaginary expertise in order to somehow show their authority in society.

9. Has a passion for self-development and growth

Smart people understand that they always have something to strive for. And at any stage of life and career. They themselves understand what they need to do in order to realize themselves to the fullest. They are characterized by healthy self-criticism. Foolish people either take the opinion of others as their motivation, or even tend to stagnate.