Unforgettable Top 7 Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid To Age Or Celebrities Without Plastic Surgery

Unforgettable Top 7 Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid To Age Or Celebrities Without Plastic Surgery

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Top 7 Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid To Age Or Celebrities Without Plastic Surgery.

These celebrities prove that you can look great at any age. They oppose plastic surgery and any interference with the appearance, because they believe that beauty is not so much about eternal youth, but about naturalness. In our selection – stars who abandoned beauty injection and plastics. These famous beauties tell why they never plan go under the knife.

Salma Hayek – 53 years old

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Salma Hayek in many interviews admits that she does not want to age ahead of time and sometimes thinks about visiting a plastic surgeon, but each time she comes to the conclusion that she is unlikely to ever decide on this. The fact is that the actress is afraid of what surgeons can do with her much more than wrinkles.

“I don’t know if I can ever have plastic surgery. I do not plan this right now. I’m not very willing to take risks when it comes to beauty. And I think the biggest risk is plastic surgery, ”Salma Hayek explained in an interview for People.

As for Botox, the actress in this matter is categorical: “I don’t believe in Botox, especially when people make injections at such a young age … Beauticians continue to say to young girls:“ Do Botox in your youth so that you never have wrinkles. ” No, your face will fade. You will have to do more and more, and more injections each time. Therefore, if you are going to do Botox, it is better to do this as late as possible. ”

Sharon Stone – 61 years old

In his years Sharon Stone It boasts not only an ideal figure, but also a young face. It seems that time has no power over the beauty of this actress. To maintain her youth, she relies solely on sports and proper nutrition, and, unlike her character in Catwoman, does not plan to perpetuate her 20-year-old look forever with the help of toxic creams and the help of surgeons. Although she does not see anything wrong in cosmetic procedures, if you do not distort your face. But she is not going to go to bed under a knife or do beauty injections.

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In an interview with an American magazine NEW YOU the star of the Basic Instinct said: “I can’t tell you how many doctors are trying to force me on lifting and plastic surgery. I even once got to the point of letting someone persuade me to do it. But, when I went up and looked at the photo of my face, I thought, what are they going to tighten there? Yes, I’ve come close to operations – but to be honest, I think the art of beautiful aging looks sexy. All these minor flaws look sensual. I understand that people are afraid of change; think that they lose something with age. They do not understand that they are gaining something. I thought I had lost the deep folds over the eyelids that you have when you are young. But my eyes have become more bottomless. When I lost the fullness of my face, I got magnificent cheekbones. Of course, if you have things you want to fix, you have to go and fix them. I don’t think that something is wrong with cosmetic surgery. I think it’s great. But it seems to me that it’s not normal to distort your face. ”

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Julianne Moore – 58 years old

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During her career in cinema, Julianne did not perform any plastic surgery, she never injected Botox, did not lifting, but at the same time she’s not afraid to appear half-naked for an advertising campaign for a linen brand. The actress believes that it is better to grow old naturally, because she does not believe that plastic can help to feel better.

“With some exceptions, people who made plastic always look like they made plastic. They do not look younger. Age is a life experience, the path we go through. ”

Nevertheless, Julianne believes that people should not be taught what they should do and what not. If they want to do beauty injections or plastic surgery – let them.

“My principle is live yourself and let others live. Therefore, I am not interested in rumors about plastic, who inserted something or, on the contrary, deleted it. When someone insists on it very persistently, I want to tell him or her: “Crazy and stupid!”

Jennifer Aniston – 50th Anniversary

Jennifer Aniston tried Botox once, but according to the stars of “Friends”. It looked awful. Aniston admits that there is tremendous pressure in Hollywood, because everyone needs young actresses. But she does not want to try any more beauty injections or plastic.

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“I saw women trying to stay not aging, and I know what they do with themselves. I am grateful for learning from their mistakes, because I will not poke any nastiness in my face … I see them, and my heart breaks. I think, “Oh god, if you only knew how much older you look,” the actress explained Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

Heidi Klum – 46 years old

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The model, which also managed to take place as an actress, producer and screenwriter of her own fashion project on the Podium TV. She gave birth to four children, but even this did not cause her desire to “cut” and “stab” herself. The model believes that only regular exercises, proper nutrition and self-love can keep you young.

“Why should I go to a plastic surgeon? What can plastic give me that which I no longer have? It seems like me, an endangered species, dinosaurs. But better, I will be the only dinosaur that can wrinkle its forehead.”

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Kate Winslet – 44

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If all of the above stars simply do not want to do plastic surgery, but do not consider themselves entitled to decide for someone, then Kate Winslet is an ardent opponent of surgical intervention in beauty. She considers it immoral and is ready to protest. Together with Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz, the Titanic star created the British League against Plastic Surgery. Actresses believe that the popularity of plastic is so disastrous that soon naturally beautiful girls will not remain.

“This contradicts my morality, the way my parents raised me, and what I consider to be natural beauty. I’m an actress, I don’t want to deprive myself of facial expressions and “freeze” the expression on my face, ”the actress told the publication The telegraph.

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Julia Roberts – 52 years old

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When Julia Roberts 40 years old, everyone asked her if she was afraid to grow old. In an interview, she was also asked about her attitude to plastic surgery and beauty injections. Then she said: “Never say never!” But the star of “Beauty” also expressed the hope that she could maintain her beauty without such procedures.

Now the actress is 52 years old and she is simply happy that she still has not wanted to correct anything in her face and body. Now she is sure that life experience should be reflected on her face, because even small wrinkles around her eyes indicate that you have the opportunity to smile a lot.

“Your face should tell the story of your life, and not about your visits to the surgeon.”

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