Bad Day? Rate 10 Epic Failures From “Winners in Life”

Bad Day? Rate 10 Epic Failures From “Winners in Life”

Your affairs may not go according to plan or you will find yourself in a situation of “expectation and reality”. Perhaps the hairdresser decided to experiment with your haircut or you just fell in the middle of the office with a cup of coffee. Think it a failure? Rate these failures that happen only with the “winners” in life.

Failures and failures

Look at the most epic failures and you will realize that your day was not so bad.

Come in the morning in the kitchen, and there …

Ice block in the kitchen

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We all know that winter can be harsh. But when you come in the morning to make yourself a cup of coffee and cheer up, and a huge block of ice awaits you, this is too much. Even the harsh inhabitants of the North are not ready for such a winter.

The supper is ready

Kitchen failure

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At least nothing broke and the cat was pleased with the unexpected hearty dinner. And the owners after a long working day will have to do general cleaning.

Focus hocus

Boy drops ice cream

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The guy should work on a relaxed facial expression and then we can all say that it was intended.

Waiting and reality

Unsuccessful haircut

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When he wanted a stylish haircut, and the hairdresser sneezed when he cut you. Well, that did not happen to the girl. A guy can just shave bald. But this face of regret evokes sympathy.

Real rebel

Bear in the trash can

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The person who made this photo is a real brave or he lacks a sense of self-preservation. And what is the first thought you will have if you see a bear in a garbage can – take a picture for Instagram or run as fast as you can? 🙂

Pony selfie

A bad photo with a horse

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When I wanted to take a cool picture with a horse, I got even better than I expected. ?

Excellent purchase

T-shirt is not in size

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Girls with curvaceous is not easy to choose clothes. But a print with faces on T-shirts is simply not recommended for them.

Mom hopes she is still asleep

Boy and pony

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When the parents of a small child think that they are ready for anything and no longer surprise them, this happens …

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And even better

Painted laptop

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When a small artist grows up in a family, everything around becomes beautiful.

Tooth for tooth

Seagull and false jaw

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This gull, apparently, has its own scores with the owner of the false jaw.

Something is wrong here.

Unsuccessful online purchases

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Often the product in the online store does not match what is shown in the photo. Size may not match or quality will be worse than expected. But sometimes the received goods are suitable only for taking a photo and putting it on the social network with the signature “expectation and reality”.

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