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BREAST Will Say Thank You! 5 Tips For a Beautiful Breast

BREAST Will Say Thank You! 5 Tips For a Beautiful Breast 36

To save a beautiful, tightened chest for a long time – our cherished desire! However, we do not even realize that achieving this is not so difficult as it may seem.

5 simple tips

What is simple and affordable – often depreciates. Simple, daily effort able to create real miracles!

Today we will share with you simple but effective tips that will help keep your breasts elastic and tight forever :).

Contrast shower

 Cold water

Cold water

Cold water – excellent a way to keep skin tone. This simple procedure improves blood circulation, thereby maintaining the elasticity, health and beauty of the skin. This is especially important for our breasts, because the skin here is especially tender.

  • If you do not get a contrasting douche for some reason, then rub the décolleté zone with ice cubes.
  • Avoid too hot water – it weakens skin tone and muscle tone .

Spin just right!

 Spin smoothly

Spin smoothly

Harmless, at first glance, the habit of stooping does not just make your silhouette unattractive. The fact is that slouching, we relax the muscles of the chest, as a result they lose their shape faster.

  • This simple habit – keeping the back straight will help you not only look more attractive, but also keep your breasts elastic for long.

Safe sport

 Sports lingerie

Sports lingerie

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Undoubtedly, sports are necessary for the health and beauty of the body. But some of its types: aerobics, jogging and other active loads can damage the beauty of your breasts!

  • In order to sports do not spoil your breasts – be sure to practice in special sportswear. Sports tops are designed in such a way that the soft tissue of the breast has as little as possible unnecessary load.

Avoid pressure on the chest

 More tips

More tips

Try not to sleep on your chest, that it will lose its form faster. When choosing a bra, remember that it is important that it does not press you anywhere, but at the same time it supports the breast well.

  • Pushups, of course, can make your breasts more spectacular, but do not wear them every day, this disrupts blood circulation, which leads to flabby skin in the decollete area!
  • Try to cross your arms less on the chest, this weakens the muscle tone of this zone, after a hot shower, arrange a mini-shock therapy with a contrast shower);
  • Regularly scrub the skin of the décolleté zone
  • During the day, you can perform just one simple exercise – fold the palms together at chest level and rhythmically squeeze and relax your hands, pressing his hands against each other. This is very tight and strengthens the muscles of the chest.

On the Beach

 Beach Rules

Beach Rules

If you want the breasts to retain their youth and beauty longer – protect it from exposure to sunlight.

  • You should not sunbathe topless, and even in bathing suit be sure to apply a protective cream on the decollete area.

Stay beautiful with a sunny mood!

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