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Budget Secrets Of Celebrity Beauty Available To Every Woman

Budget Secrets Of Celebrity Beauty Available To Every Woman 36

Celebrities at their disposal are the best makeup artists, hairdressers and cosmetologists. However, they do not always use permanently expensive skin, body and hair care products. Some of their finds are so budgetary that even ordinary women can afford them.

12 beauty secrets from stars that won’t hit your pocket

Despite their low cost, celebrities claim that these funds work great! So why not give it a try?

1. Coffee grounds against cellulite

Halle Berry
a photo:

This hackneyed tool is used even by the stars. For example, Holly Berry. The American actress adds coffee grounds directly to the shower gel and thoroughly rubs the body, scrubbing it. Caffeine has been proven to improve blood circulation and smooth the skin. Such an exfoliant is very gentle and copes with the problem of fluid retention in the body. The actress really does not have cellulite, perhaps the whole secret is in this?

2. Refreshing face spray

hillary duff
a photo:

The secret of Hillary Duff’s radiant skin in the refreshing spray that a Hollywood actress applies before she does makeup. This approach allows you to revitalize tired, dull skin, and the tonal foundation lies much better. In addition, the refreshing spray contains antioxidants that help emphasize the natural beauty of the face and moisturize it throughout the day.

3. Purple hair shampoo

Lady Gaga
a photo:

All blondes know how hard it is to take care of blond hair. And Lady Gaga is no exception! To preserve the color and health of curls, she uses a special shampoo. The singer’s favorite remedy is called Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo and it is purple! The star claims that thanks to him, her hair does not turn yellow, but retains its beautiful shade.

4. Foundation for beautiful legs

Kristina Handrix
a photo:

Red-haired beauty with porcelain skin Christina Hendricks knows how to show her legs in a favorable light. The stylist taught her a simple trick. Before putting on a short dress or skirt, the American actress adds a tonal foundation to the body lotion and applies the composition to the skin. Perfect legs are provided! By the way, so that the clothes do not get dirty, it is important to fix the result with a fixing spray.

5. Bee venom for the face

Kate Middleton
a photo:

Many people wonder how the Duchess of Cambridge manages to maintain a beautiful and even complexion. Her secret is in a remedy containing bee venom. Upon contact with the cream, the skin reacts to it like a bee sting, instantly swelling. But do not rush to get scared! According to Kate Middleton, this tool copes well with scars and rashes, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and improving the condition of the skin. Due to these properties, the cream based on bee venom has even been dubbed natural botox. Do not use it only for those who are allergic to bee stings.

6. Lip balm under the eyes

Miranda Kerr
a photo:

The world famous model Miranda Kerr has amazingly beautiful blue eyes. But not many of you know what she is doing to further emphasize them. It turns out that the supermodel uses the usual lip balm as a highlighter, which is applied to the skin under the eyes. If you want to repeat this trick, choose only natural products without color, but in no case lip gloss – it is too sticky for this.

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7. Children’s cream with SPF from the sun

singer shakira
a photo:

Colombian singer Shakira carefully treats her face skin, protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. But instead of using the usual sunscreen, she buys a nursery, in which the SPF factor is much higher, which means it protects the skin better.

8. Beer for luxurious curls

Katherine Zeta Jones
a photo:

The American actress Catherine Zeta Jones envy long, thick, beautiful hair. What is their secret? You won’t believe it, but in beer! The trick of rinsing the hair with a foamy drink has been known for a long time. The amino acids and vitamin B contained in it prevent hair loss and regulate sebum production. And yeast has an acidic pH, so that the scales on the hairs are closed and the curls become shiny. To take advantage of the beauty secret of the actress, wash your hair with shampoo, rinse your hair with beer, leave it on curls for 5 minutes and rinse.

9. Vaseline for wrinkles under the eyes

Jennifer Aniston
a photo:

The star of “Friends” Jennifer Aniston looks incredibly young for her age. What does she do in order to maintain the beauty and youth of her face? According to the Hollywood actress, every evening after the makeup is washed off, she puts petroleum jelly under her eyes and swears that this remedy protects her from wrinkles. We all know how important it is to moisturize the area around the eyes, so Vaseline has super moisturizing properties.

10. Full Mint Extract

Mariah Carey
a photo:

Mariah Carey knows how to make her lips plump without resorting to fillers. She mixes peppermint extract into her favorite lip gloss before applying it. It is proved that mint improves blood circulation, providing its flow to the lips. Hence the visible result! If there is no extract at hand, you can just buy a mint lip balm. The effect will be the same.

11. Grape seed oil for the face

Emma Stone
a photo:

Looking at Emma Stone, it’s hard to believe that she has very sensitive facial skin. According to the American actress, it can be extremely difficult for her to choose care products that would not cause irritation. She is saved by the usual grape seed oil, which she uses instead of traditional moisturizers. The La La Lenda star puts it on the face, both for going out and taking care of the skin of the house. Need I say that this tool is quite inexpensive?

12. Tweezers for long eyelashes

Jessica Alba
a photo:

Jessica Alba does not leave the house without curling her eyelashes, and claims that this method helps her to revive a tired look. And so that the effect of curled long eyelashes lasts longer, the Hollywood actress holds curling irons for a few seconds under a hairdryer.

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