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How to choose prints on clothes depending on the type of figure. Expert Opinion!

How to choose prints on clothes depending on the type of figure. Expert Opinion! 36

We each have a personal list of favorites among fabrics, styles and accessories. For example, you may like all shades of gold, but from jewelry in yellow gold you seem to have a sparkle in your eyes. Or you managed to collect in the closet a collection of a variety of prints and drawings, but as soon as you want to look stricter, then you turn to plaid things and no other.

Have you ever noticed that prints look at us completely differently depending on the size of the picture, its frequency, the range of colors and the size of the thing itself? Stylists and designers know many secrets about patterns and designs – let’s reveal at least some of them.

Peas (polka dot)

Cute and touching polka dots can create a sentimental mood. There is so much playfulness and childishness in this drawing that we would definitely not recommend it to too serious personalities. Unless, of course, these are tiny white polka dots on a black background.

As you might guess from the shape of the print, polka dots “round”, and the larger the polka dots, the stronger the effect. Want to make the top more feminine? Buy yourself a blouse with flounces and polka dots. If you dream of wider hips, then try on a skirt with chunky dots. Pay attention to the background: a white dress with black polka dots will make you look fat, and a black skirt with white polka dots will make you slim.

How to choose prints on clothes

How To Choose Prints On Clothes

Floral print

The floral design is classified as patterned prints, as are the “cucumbers” of paisley, damascus, qua trefoil and other types of botanical designs. To unravel all the intricacies of this pattern, one has only to take a quick glance at the design collections where there is a floral print: most often it is either a locally located floral pattern or embroidery in a composition, or a small, barely noticeable flower, or large, voluminous flowers. In the first and third cases, use the tips from our last paragraph on abstract drawings. The second option – a small floral print – is quite versatile for different body types.

If you want a floral thing to look more expensive, then carefully consider the plot of the print: the background should not be too contrasting and very light (fills it up!), and the drawing itself should be too frequent and overloaded, as if it were a tablecloth. Please note that the compatibility of your color type with any colorful prints plays a huge role: the brighter the appearance, the more effective the contrasting pattern will emphasize it.

How to choose prints on clothes

How To Choose Prints On Clothes

Check print

The cell has so many varieties that this drawing is definitely popular with the people. At the same time, the crimson tartan in her mood does not resemble the sentimental Vichy cell, is it? The same principle works with a cage as with a floral print: a small pattern suits absolutely everyone, especially if the color combination is harmonious, and a large bright cage is a dangerous print, which is better to wear as a very independent thing and only on those parts of the body that you truly adore.

Choose a solid top in one of the shades of the cage for the checkered bottom, and the bottom for the checkered top using the same color principle. If this is a floor-length thing, then a small cage will look neater, be it a long dress or a maxi skirt.

How to choose prints on clothes

How To Choose Prints On Clothes

Striped prints

We, the girls, have already learned the logic of stylizing striped things by heart: a horizontal strip makes them look fat, which means that it needs to increase the volume where it is needed, and a vertical strip slims and stretches, which means … useful to everyone who wants to appear taller and thinner.

What else should you know about striped prints? Perhaps the secrets of the diagonal stripe: such a print with an angle in the center or an X-shape will perfectly emphasize the waist. Please note that all the tricks of the strip are in full force only if the item is selected clearly in size.

How to choose prints on clothes

How To Choose Prints On Clothes

“Predatory” prints

Leopard print is the most daring, sophisticated and favorite of this group. Fashion magazines love to give directions on how to wear and how never to wear a leopard print, but in reality, you are just advised to follow the measure, as is the case with any intense pattern. Predatory prints tend to draw attention to themselves – this is true, and you need to count on this when thinking about which part of the body you want to emphasize with such a print.

Use the expressiveness of “dangerous” designs, including the “leopard”, to your advantage: for example, a leopard bottom will playfully represent any boring and boring top for you, be it even a stretched gray boyfriend t-shirt or a school black turtleneck, and a leopard top will draw attention to your face, which means get ready to collect compliments about your makeup and new lipstick.

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How to choose prints on clothes

Abstract drawings

In this paragraph, we suggest combining all artistic designs, including streaks, stains and other strange images on fabric. The highlight of these prints is their spectacular appeal. In order to make an impression, a colorful abstract thing needs to be given space, and for this you need to arrange it like a picture – in a conditional square between the chin and the waist or between the waist and knees. Any, even the most incredible patterns are best played in the format of a blouse or top.

As for the type of figure, abstract prints in a small area are suitable for almost everyone if you balance their presence with the appropriate scale of the “background”: for example, if you have large breasts and you wear a shirt with colorful holograms, then try to balance the image with a flared midi skirt or wide jeans base color so that the top doesn’t look like one huge bright spot.

How to choose prints on clothes

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