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The whole truth about soup. is soup as useful as people think?

The whole truth about soup. is soup as useful as people think? 36

The truth about soup turned out to be different from what our mothers and grandmothers “fed” us talks about the benefits and dangers of soup. Today Furilia talks about the benefits and dangers of soup. 

MYTH: if you don’t eat soup, your stomach will “stop”

Truth About Soup

TRUE: a person can be absolutely healthy by completely eliminating soup from their diet. The fact is that in most cases vegetables and water are used to prepare liquid dishes. Vegetables saturate us with fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora and removes waste products from the body (remember that fresh vegetables have more fiber than thermally processed ones). Water serves as a kind of stimulant for the active passage of food in the gastrointestinal tract and improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals that are found in vegetables. Based on this, it is quite possible to replace the soup with the daily norm of vegetables as an addition to the side dish, and consume enough water throughout the day.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that liquid dishes stimulate digestion and prepare the body for eating heavier foods: meat, fish, cereals.

MYTH: broth is good for you

Truth About Soup

TRUE: most soups are prepared in meat broth, often fatty, which is harmful to the body, and creates additional stress on the digestion process. In this case, the benefits of vegetables in the soup come to naught. Therefore, if you still want to cook a liquid dish in broth, choose dietary meat – chicken, turkey, quail. Bring to a boil twice, changing the water, and only the third time will you get a healthy product ready to eat.

But remember that this only applies to broth cooked with meat. If we are talking about vegetables, then during heat treatment vitamins and minerals that are included in their composition remain in the water. If you just eat boiled vegetables and pour out the water, it’s the same as making tea, eating a bag and pouring out the drink itself. All the benefits are in the liquid!


MYTH: cream soup is a diet food.

Truth About SoupIn the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

TRUE: restaurants use semolina, processed cheese, potatoes, starch and white flour to prepare popular dishes such as cream soups. These products are not useful. Moreover, if you stick to a diet, coordinated processes are disrupted in your body. If you are very fond of cream soups, then it is better to cook them at home with the addition of natural yogurt.

That being said, remember that these soups make the diet richer. With them, our body receives the required amount of nutrients, and we can easily control the feeling of hunger. Therefore, if you are out and hungry, then you can eat the soup. Just let it be vegetable broth, not mushroom cream soup 🙂

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