7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

ben September 30, 2020 0

Everyone around only says that about the conscious consumption and departure of fashion into classics. But, judging by the collections of autumn-winter – 2020/2021, fashion in the broadest sense of the word does not lose its fighting spirit, presenting bold and daring trends and things. Furilia is very happy about this and decided to highlight seven fall 2020 fashion trends that you will surely like.


7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

Bottega Veneta; Jil Sander fall-winter 2020-21

Fringe looks extreme this fall 2020. Large, more than noticeable, it decorates clothes and accessories in the boldest form. But this means one thing: it’s really time to remember about her, because she immediately makes the image as effective as possible. I guess that the reason for such an unexpected return is the constant Prada trendsetter: this decor dominated the new collection of the fashion house and directly hinted at who is the boss next fall. Fringe meets on the catwalk this time everything – from the usual in the style of the Wild West to the elegant in the spirit of the 1920s.


7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

Gucci; Christian Dior fall-winter 2020-21

Autumn is on the calendar, and so it makes sense that the preppy style is back.

Together with the fashion for vests, voluminous, knitted, noticeable. In general, the story with this garment began in the spring, when bloggers began to actively wear them. Such a favorite thing is really very convenient – it warms up and allows you to compose multi-layered images. The most beautiful vests in the new season are from Prada, Lacoste, Gucci and Dior. Judging by the big names, there is no doubt: this thing is a must-have for every fashionista.

Age of queens and warriors

7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

Sfilata Rodarte; Paco Rabanne fall-winter 2020-21

We, of course, understand the necessity and rationality of focusing on classic things – this is a really profitable investment and a safe zone for both designers and consumers. But all the same our desire to dress up, make sometimes rash purchases, look theatrical with any crises. This is also indicated by the fact that the fashionable time machine this season famously accelerated and transported us to the epoch of the XV-XVI centuries, recalling the “muses” of those centuries – Joan of Arc and Mary Stuart.

Color blocking (purple + raspberry)

7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

Alberta Ferretti; Saint Laurent fall-winter 2020-21

The incredible combination “purple + raspberry” in the new season will literally be in sight. Also on the pages of glossy magazines, fashion blogs and Instagram. I hope that it will become an adornment of autumn and your wardrobe – it’s not for nothing that the designers seem to have conspired and presented just such a color blocking. Probably, for someone, such a bold combination of tones will seem contradictory; for inspiration, watch the shows of Saint Laurent or Bottega Veneta – doubts will disappear :).

Bohemian chic

7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

Etro; Celine fall-winter 2020-21

It was obvious that this trend will be on the list of the main ones, because it is based on elegant outfits with a light folk mood, such a hybrid of hippie chic and the wardrobe of careless bourgeois. Materials, decoration, fit – here you can pay attention to dozens of interesting details and in the end try on something like this yourself, because this style suits everyone without exception and looks like a challenge in the context of a large modern city!

Lantern sleeves

7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

Fendi, Balenciaga fall-winter 2020-21

Lanterns evolved to become lanterns! These are no longer just voluminous shoulders, but whole oversize sleeves. As an example, the collections of Fendi, Balenciaga and Givenchy are, in general, all the important names in the fashion industry. The love for this detail of clothing is difficult to explain – perhaps it is the elegance that such sleeves give the image, or in some theatricality. In any case, take note, because they no longer surprise anyone with their presence, since they have become quite everyday for themselves and do not require any premieres.

Small check

7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Will Love

Chloe; Givenchy fall-winter 2020-21

If the sleeves only do that they increase in size, such a popular print as a check, on the contrary, is getting smaller and smaller. Agree, in this size the check looks very elegant and cute, especially in a beige palette. Wear it in combination with textured accessories and shoes made of black or brown leather: playing on contrasts is the right decision in this case.

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