How to go on a date if there is a quarantine around. Love During A Pandemic

How to go on a date if there is a quarantine around. Love During A Pandemic

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Love during a pandemic? Is it possible? “So, the hairstyle is fine, I took the lipstick, what did I forget … Oh yes, a mask, gloves and a disinfectant!” The harsh realities of this March quarantine leave little chance for romance.

There is no one indifferent to the current situation in the world: some are in a panic, others make this an occasion to make a joke, still others live their old lives, and yet quietly read the statistics on the sick in the morning.

But regardless of the general closure of establishments, the cancellation of public events and the lowering of store shelves, the hearts of all nationalities still want love.

Recently, they often ask me: should I go on a date with a man in the conditions of a worldwide “lockdown”? And if you go, then where, if everything is closed – is it really just to sit in his car?

I think it’s better to wait and feel safe for a while. But this does not mean that you have to languish languishing until the end of quarantine. You can use this period as profitably as possible for your personal life!

Believe me, even at a distance it is possible to maintain a warm relationship with a man. I will tell you which way of communication successfully compensates for the inability to go on dates and see each other live. In addition, with skillful use, these tools will make a man think even more about you and count the days before the first meeting. No masks!

Remote attraction and retention of a man

Physical separation in history has often been a sad obstacle to two loving hearts. If you recall the era of paper letters that could take weeks to reach the addressee, you understand that today instant messaging, video calling and telephones successfully support the ability to communicate daily and even build a solid base for relationships.

All you need during a quarantine for a man to invite you to a live date, to attract his attention to your person online as much as possible. And here are some tips to help you with this:

– Photo. Let your photo album to become a kind of picture gallery that can be viewed for hours. Do not spare premium photos with different decorations and images – the main thing is that they be light, feminine and sophisticated.

– Calls and audio messages. I know examples when love began with a voice! This is a small piece of you that will make a man turn on his imagination, hearing to only your voice. And this is one of the most accurate female charm techniques: a slightly slowed down, slightly lowered sensual tone, purring about something pleasant.


– Video messages and video calls. A great way to show your knowledge of body language plus this is the safest type of date (especially in the current situation). Get ready for a video contact with a man, as for a real meeting – with the possible exception of perfume and shoes :).

– SMS messages and correspondence. This is a limitless field for your activity in favor of building relationships. The ability to communicate at any time of the day, ponder your words, the lack of that level of anxiety and fear that happen live … In other words, this is a wonderful tool for maintaining male interest, as well as building and strengthening relationships.

Instruction for communication at a distance

Everything a man wants to do during quarantine is an online meeting with you, use the unwritten rules of communication at distance:

– Do not talk! Classic female mistake: the dominance of speech. Men love business talk. You may not see his bored face when he reads a long opus from you or a dozen short remarks about anything. But most likely, you will feel when his initiative to communicate fell below the plinth. Therefore, do not “overfeed” with meaningless conversations, ask questions and touch on topics that promote your relationship and encourage you to meet.

– The rhythm of messages. The ideal option is to adjust the frequency and length of the messages of a man. So you are as if dancing with him: you do a small step, he does a small step, movements in unison. Although sometimes you can “swirl” him in more detailed answers and watch his reaction.

– Technique “2-3 letters.” It may happen that your desired man does not respond for a while. Do not bother asking where he could go. Remind yourself of 2-3 messages with an interval of a couple of days. Let what you write to him contain a certain riddle, so that he is surprised and wants to know what you had in mind, and by all means respond to the message.

– The illusion of relationships. Imagine that you are already a couple with him. Do not skimp on affectionate words, compliments, intriguing remarks, light flirting phrases that support a spark of interest in the male mind.

– “Hooks” in communication. Savor each man’s sentence and look for moments in them to help you continue the conversation. Most often, these are male interests, favorite activities, work, a sphere in which he is like a fish in water. Clinging to such “hooks”, you can make the conversation fun. And a keen man will definitely want to quickly transfer your interesting communication offline.

Of course, no video call can replace a real touch. None of the most affectionate words printed in the messenger will warm you like a warm whisper in your ear. At a distance, it is extremely difficult to turn on love chemistry between people.

However, with the right actions, everything is possible! Use the difficult global situation to your advantage. Do not stop looking for your man – may the almighty Internet help you with this. And may the only virus that reaches you be the virus of love and boundless happiness, chronic and incurable.

How to go on a date if there is a quarantine around. Love During A Pandemic
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