Sugar Addiction Or Why We Really Sit On This Needle. How To Refuse Sugar!

Sugar Addiction Or Why We Really Sit On This Needle. How To Refuse Sugar!

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Sugar Addiction Or Why We Really Sit On This Needle. Tea with candy, on a visit with cake, TV with ice cream. Sweets! They quietly became an integral part of human life. You can have a good time with them, have fun and survive the troubles. Sweets! They lull vigilance, take in a sticky captivity and planted on a sugar needle. And when enlightenment comes – it’s too late! Breaking out of these hugs is quite difficult.

Why does a person voluntarily agree to become a prisoner of a sugar plot? What does he/she get in return?

The sweet death

Surprisingly, once this product was considered a friend of man. And modern manufacturers have done everything to make sugar a chemical substance from a food product. As a result of repeated processing, it loses all the useful properties, trace elements, fiber and becomes just a delicious preservative.

Sugar Addiction Or Why We Really Sit On This Needle. How To Refuse Sugar!
Sugar Addiction Or Why We Really Sit On This Needle. How To Refuse Sugar!

The refined product, so harmless and even attractive in appearance, is quite insidious. It is able to disrupt the body’s metabolic processes and deplete chromium reserves. But that is not all.

Every time you mix tea with a spoon, dissolving white grains in it, think about what sugar is:

  • makes the gums loose, and the enamel weak;
  • slows down the production of insulin and is the cause of diabetes;
  • is an enemy of the gastrointestinal tract, provokes constipation and ulcer;
  • may cause an allergic reaction;
  • impairs vision;
  • causes a headache;
  • thickens bile;

You can thank it for the onset of premature old age and obesity. The list of “good services” of refined substance is far from complete, but quite sufficient for those who care about their own health. If you call a spade a spade, then buying a donut, chocolate bar or cake, you buy a “bomb in sugar icing”. Its trigger has already been installed, and do not hesitate, it will certainly explode!

But do not wring your hands in despair.

There is always a way out

Specialist in dietary nutrition, Dr. Hyman and her colleagues argue that the irresistible craving for sweets is actually not an emotional-eating disorder, but a biological one. And his control center is in hormones. And the fuel for them, in turn, is simple carbohydrates. Moreover, scientists say that if sugar is in drinks, then when it enters the body, it “includes” centers that are responsible for addiction.

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Thanks to this explanation, it becomes clear why it is so difficult to refuse sweet and starchy foods. But not just, it does not mean yet that it is impossible. Impossible tasks do not exist, it all depends on desire, motivation and 10 days.

Path to freedom

When a person suffering from alcohol addiction or using narcotic drugs gets into a rehabilitation center, then at the first stage he/she undergoes a body cleansing procedure. The same should be done in the case of sugar addiction.

Step one – decide. Despite how simple it sounds, taking this first step is not at all easy. Do not be tempted to persuade “here I’ll hand over the session”, “the holidays will end”, such transfers and “good reasons” will always be well known to you: from Monday, from the new year, new month ….

Just take a step forward towards yourself. Just do it!

Stage Two – when the decision is made, you need to burn bridges. Gradually, “jumping” with addiction does not work out. Allowing yourself small weaknesses, you only prolong the torment, constantly balancing on a thin fishing line. Moreover, subconsciously, your body will tend to eat more, knowing that this is the last time.

Refuse sweet, from trans fats and sweeteners need sharply. To endure is the right word that most correctly characterizes the second stage. The consolation is that over time, every day it will be easier to deal with addiction.

Step three do the opposite of sugary drinks. They do even more harm than solid foods containing this substance. Just imagine that drinking half a liter of sparkling water, you eat the whole 15 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in it!

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Make friends with proteins and fats. Protein food will help to overcome cravings for muffins and cakes. Eggs, fish, nuts are able to enrich the body with the necessary trace elements and vitamins and betray a feeling of satiety. Having made the right choice, you may be surprised to find out that it is no longer necessary to have a snack with a candy or bar.

But you can not limit yourself to vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. Pumpkins, beets and potatoes will have to be abandoned for 10 days.

Paradoxical as it sounds, but in the fight against sweet addiction, fats should be taken as allies. It is not they who are responsible for your extra pounds. Useful fats contained in olive, sunflower, coconut oil and animal products can saturate the body and bring no harm.

Fifth step– This is to learn to prevent the situation. Sometimes the feeling of hunger becomes so unbearable that there is no power to cope with it. In order not to become a hostage to such situations, take care of yourself in advance. A bag of almonds, an apple or a pear will not take up much space even in a woman’s handbag, but they will support you at a difficult moment and will not allow you to turn off from the intended purpose.

Sixth step – proper breathing. Referring to the observation of all the same scientists, you can find out that during stress, the human body is able to save fat, preparing for the worst. To prevent this from happening, you need to activate the vagus nerve. And you can do this with deep breaths. A few minutes of such practices will help you get in order.

Seventh step – get enough sleep! If you do not allow the body to fully relax, then do not be surprised that he will take revenge on you. Fatigue provokes appetite, because you need to take strength and energy somewhere. And if you don’t sleep, that is.

Thanks to students who refuse to sleep before the session and to those people who are forced to work the night shift, this pattern is also scientifically proven.

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It is believed that the best way to avoid overeating at night is to go to bed early. This is partly true. But the fact that a good rest comes as a guarantee of the absence of excessive eating is a fact.

The main condition for getting rid of addiction is your voluntary desire. Any prohibition leads to the fact that you want to violate it, even if you yourself set this prohibition yourself. Find that positive, those pluses that will motivate and support you during the rejection of the sweet captivity, and you will emerge victorious from this struggle.

What role do sweets play in your life? How many days could you calmly do without them? Share with us in the comments!

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