How to survive the breakup

How to survive the breakup

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“How to survive the pain of separation” a topic that always remains relevant. How to effectively get out of this situation and get the most out of it? How to survive the breakup?

“Being with a person for a long period of time nothing but a test. We need to be able to appreciate, respect the personal boundaries of our partner and be able to create a personal space for everyone. ”

One of the main things you can do to reduce the pain of breaking up is to give free rein to your emotions. Do not hide them, do not ignore, but rather give them complete freedom.

“Sadness, pain, disappointment, chagrin, anger – allow yourself to live the whole spectrum of emotions that you need.”

In a situation where a person confronts his emotions, they only become stronger. At first it may seem that this or that emotion no longer has power over you, but this is a false idea. After some time, the emotion will make itself felt again, but with much greater force. Suppression of emotions in the future leads to psychosomatic diseases.

“I want to cry – cry, I want to scream – scream, I want to break a plate – break. No need to be afraid of your emotions, because such a state is temporary. ”

If the first step is to accept what happened, then the second is to change the situation. It’s better to go somewhere and enjoy the new views outside the window. If this is not possible, you can rearrange the room: change the curtains, buy new things or re-wallpaper.

The third step is to do what you did not do with your partner. For the reason that he did not like it or simply did not want it. It’s time to watch a movie that you liked but didn’t like the partner. Feel the freedom, because now you can do what you want. Give yourself a breath of fresh air and your condition will definitely improve.

How to survive the breakup
How To Survive The Breakup

The next step is to surround yourself with positive people. Do not close at home, but continue to be in society.

Try to surround yourself only with positive people who will not return the situation of parting. On the contrary, they will help to distract. 


An equally important step further is to engage in business. Do not rush headlong into work right after parting – give yourself time to live through negative emotions.

If you don’t immediately give vent to your emotions, then they will open at the most inopportune moment: when new relationships begin to be built. If you do not work out the trauma of the previous relationship, then the future can suffer.

Only after you fully live your emotions, you can begin to do business. Also in this situation, you can make an appointment with a psychologist or a coach. Consultation with a psychologist will provide an opportunity to talk about painful and quickly return to normal. And turning to a coach will help you set new goals and motivate yourself for self-development.

After all the stages of parting, be sure to analyze what valuable experience you were able to get. Each relationship is an experience, and experience is always useful. Find something to say “thank you” to your partner: either for what he was able to teach you, or for the fact that he left your life. 

When the emotional background is stable, find the advantages of this separation. Think about what you were able to learn from this situation and what you could learn new. Then you can survive the pain of loss much faster and with benefit for yourself.

Is it possible to maintain normal relations after parting?

This is quite real, but only if all the stages of separation have been lived through. If in your previous relationship you had respect for each other, then you can stay in a good relationship. Being with a partner is your personal choice. And, leaving the relationship, pouring a ton of negativity on your partner is the same as pouring water on yourself. Not everyone has the ability to adequately get out of a relationship when you can be thankful to a person. Normal relations can be maintained when all emotions are experienced and the situation is already being analyzed. But only after all stages of parting have been completed, only this way and not otherwise. 

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