Ideal Dog by Zodiac Sign: Which Breed Is Right For You?

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Thinking about getting a dog, but don’t know which one? We will tell you what astrologers think about it. They are sure that pets should be similar to their owners, which means that they should be selected based on the sign of the zodiac.

The best breeds of dogs for each sign of the zodiac

You may be surprised to know which four-legged friend is prescribed to you by the stars.

Aries – German Shepherd

German Shepherd
a photo:

People born under this zodiac sign are born leaders, smart, fearless and energetic people. They need a dog to match. A good choice would be a German Shepherd, which, thanks to its courage, often serves as a police officer. This breed is particularly energetic and perfectly amenable to training.

Taurus – Golden Retriever

Golden retrievera photo:

Taurus likes everything beautiful, so the breed of dog must fit into their ideal picture of life. Golden Retriever is one of those! He is reliable, loyal, kind and sociable, like Taurus himself, which means it will suit him perfectly.

Gemini – Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi Pembrokea photo:

People born under this zodiac sign, God himself ordered to get a dog, which would be their “twin”. Corgi – loving, sociable and intelligent pets who love to be the center of attention. Just like their masters!

Crayfish – Pomeranian

pomeranian spitza photo:

Cancers feel insecure if they are not constantly hugged, kissed and told how special they are. Pomeranian spitz-dogs will gladly share their love with the owners. They do not need a lot of training and walking, which for couch potatoes like Rakov, is a huge plus.

Lions – Rottweiler

rottweiler a photo:

People born under this sign of the zodiac, bold, playful and confident. They love attention to their person and are leaders from nature. The same can be said about rottweilers. This breed of dogs must be properly trained to get a loyal friend protector. Despite its size, in the shower rottweilers remain sweet and kind.

Virgo – Chow Chow

chow chowa photo:

The virgins are calm, balanced and pragmatic by nature. They are not averse to being alone, so energetic and demanding dog breeds will not suit them. But chow chow just right! They are somewhat detached and behave with restraint with strangers, while they have the most tender feelings for their owners.

Scales – Greyhound

Greyhounda photo:

Order, harmony, balance and tranquility – these are the principles on which the life of Libra is built. People born under this sign are best suited Greyhound breed dogs. They are fast, agile and often participate in marathons. Their appearance and character are attractive to Libra.

Scorpions – Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terriera photo:

Scorpios are not afraid to try something new. They are fearless, energetic and adventurous. Small and distant Norfolk Terriers to match them! This breed of dog is not afraid of anything, loves fun and adventure. They will make a good company of Scorpios.

Sagittarius – Australian Shepherd

australian shepherda photo:

People born under this sign of the zodiac love to travel and discover something new. You will not get bored with them, and the Strelets Troops need a dog that will explore the world with them. Smart and cunning Australian Shepherd – what you need! This breed can often be found on the ranch and among cowboys, which means that they are not afraid of any rodeo.

Capricorns – St. Bernard

St. Bernarda photo:

A meticulous and hardworking Capricorn needs a tireless four-legged friend who can share a hard working day with them. St. Bernards – playful, inquisitive and cute dogs, which are also considered among the most enduring. What is not a perfect pair for Capricorns?

Aquarius – Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel

king charles spaniela photo:

Spaniels have a small body, but a big soul! They, like Aquarius, are able to adapt well to new circumstances, they are distinguished by affectionate and docile nature. This breed of dogs makes contact with strangers and is happy to deliver positive emotions to people.

Fish – Poodle

poodlea photo:

Pisces is one of the most resourceful and introspective signs of the zodiac. They are often misunderstood and underestimated, just like poodles, by the way. These are very smart dogs that are well trained. They have something to offer their owners, in addition to the lovely appearance.

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