In Search Of Desire: How To Return Passion In Bed

In Search Of Desire: How To Return Passion In Bed

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Stressful everyday life deprives not only sleep but also sex. We will tell you a solution to an intimate problem. Read How To Return Passion In Bed!

In Search Of Desire: How To Return Passion In Bed
In Search Of Desire: How To Return Passion In Bed

after a hard day, you just want to sleep … just sleep.


In the modern rhythm, it is quite difficult to maintain activity for the whole day, especially when it comes to sexual activity. We get so tired in a day that offers it’s pleasant to spend a partner’s evening most often deviate, instead a woman will prefer to lie on the couch an extra hour, reading or flipping through a social media feed.

Sexual desire tends to disappear for a while due to various factors, the most popular of which is stress. So how to maintain a full relationship, if interest in sex is not the same? We decided to find out.

Let sex be in your plans

There is nothing better than spontaneous sex, but in the case when the desire to wake up is not so simple, and finding the free hour in the schedule is even more difficult, you will have to make a plan for the week. Choose the most unloaded evening, turn off all notifications, buy beautiful linen and arrange a romantic dinner for your man with a further continuation. Gradually, your body will “taste” and begin to demand sex much more often and will become mostly unplanned.

In Search Of Desire: How To Return Passion In Bed
Gradually increase the frequency of intimate contacts

The path to sex is through the stomach

As you know, there are products that lead to a tone, for example, chocolate. Dark chocolate in small quantities will not harm your figure, but it will excite just fine. Nutritionists assure that dark chocolate is able to improve mood and leads to a state of light love. You can make your man a sweet evening by playfully feeding him chocolate, after which it will be difficult to stop him.

Don’t think bad

As we already said, stress and bad mood are the main enemies of libido. The more negativity accumulates in our minds, the less excitement increases if it does not disappear at all. In addition, sexologists advise more often to recall past sexual exploits: usually thoughts of amazing sex contribute to, if not rapid growth, then quite definitely to gradually increasing desire.

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Smells are incredibly exciting

Men are incredibly susceptible to odors; they may not even be aware of how a particular aroma affects them. The most “sexual” smells are the aromas of citrus, lavender and jasmine. Therefore, when choosing all kinds of flavored products, look for the above components in the composition, and this is not about banal perfume water: buy special sachets to flavor bedding – an unobtrusive fragrance will actively affect your partner’s receptors, which will contribute to even more excitement. Give it a try!

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