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Inspiring Neon, romance and school style – 3 fashion trends Summer 2020 to which we will be Attracted after isolation

Inspiring Neon, romance and school style - 3 fashion trends Summer 2020 to which we will be Attracted after isolation 36

Fashion traditionally exists in close alliance with politics and the economy, conveying, through seasonal trends, current social moods as well. Fashion reflects not so much how we live, how much we would like to live, and for its time is a kind of mirror of emotions and desires.

Needless to say, such grandiose world events as a pandemic and universal quarantine will also transform the clothing and accessories industry in their own way, because right now a huge number of people feel the same feelings that will later affect their own tastes. Together with psychologists, we discussed how we tend to survive such difficult periods and which trends we will be drawn to in a new reality.

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Neon and other bright shades that you did not even think about before.

Acid and oppressive shades are a signal that we give to the outside world, sometimes even without realizing it. For example, as a singer and a winner of the Grammy Award, Billy Elish, who dyes her hair either in turquoise or in light green. It is for this reason that Eilish adores the “nuclear” shades and creativity of teenagers – the former and the latter have so much anguish, emotions and experiences. Already now it’s clear that for many of us the year 2020 does not promise to be simple, therefore, in order to throw out emotions and restore harmony with ourselves, all means are good. Including too flashy shades. They can become a kind of therapy, as well as a peppy color splash for your wardrobe.

The summer season gives us all the opportunities for color experiments, and there are so many neon designs that there’s something to think about: if it’s a sundress, then why not the color of freshly squeezed oranges, and if the jacket is strict, maybe in a fuchsia shade? Give yourself freedom of color as soon as freedom of movement is returned to you.

Neon, Romance And School Style - 3 Fashion Trends Summer 2020 To Which We Will Be Attracted After Isolation

Jacquemus, spring-summer 2020; Courrèges, spring-summer 2020

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Fashion Trends Summer 2020

Fashion Trends Summer 2020

Valentino, spring-summer 2020; Christopher John Rogers, spring-summer 2020

Romance in all its glory – for the lonely and not only

Did you hear rumors that during the quarantine in Tinder and in other applications for dating a real stir is unfolding? It remains only to imagine what will happen after we are released again: the lonely will have a thirst for communication and new acquaintances, which is guaranteed to grow into a wave of first dates. Well, those who quarantined a couple and in the status of “In Relations” will want to urgently arrange a romantic date with their mate somewhere, but not at home. Be sure that romance will turn into a big and high-profile trend: we will again make curls and buy beautiful hair clips, pull out pleated skirts and floral dresses from the closet and go on the attack on the most romantic places of the city.

The universal craving for love is synonymous with the fashionable trend for sophisticated outfits of the spring-summer 2020 season. All these touching air frills, flirty gloves and turn-down collars are the main messengers of neo-romanticism. Do not be afraid to be too Turgenev’s girl if the soul asks: after quarantine stress you deserve to plunge into a fairy tale. As for design tips, we advise you to pay attention to coral chiffon and organza and (maybe for the first time in your life!) Buy yourself a cake dress for walking in the park.

Fashion Trends Summer 2020

Fashion Trends Summer 2020

Rosie Assoulin, spring-summer 2020; Molly Goddard, Spring-Summer 2020

Fashion Trends Summer 2020

Christian Dior, spring-summer 2020; Christopher Kane, spring-summer 2020

School style is not just for schoolgirls

The first working day under the motto “Back to the office!” will be somewhat reminiscent of the classic September 1. Holidays and breakfasts in pajamas will end before noon, and you will have to immediately get in shape, and then return to uniform. Most likely, after so many days in comfortable clothes, tight skirts and fitted jackets will not seem the most comfortable things in the world, so try to enter the new rhythm slowly and without stress.


Start with blouses and loose-fitting shirts that look a bit like the top of your pajamas, but look elegant and elegant without compromise. Many models have inherited Baroque detail since last year: frills, bows, lush sleeves and other decorative excesses. For narrow trousers and tight skirts, prefer more relaxed options: midi with an A-silhouette and straight wide trousers with a high waist and with carefully ironed arrows, like on a school uniform, are now in fashion. Closer to summer, the latter can be replaced with shortened culottes with the same unchanged arrows and a neat appearance. Oh yeah, and don’t try to “soar” into your heels as soon as possible: according to the forecasts of designers, flat shoes in the spring-summer 2020 season turned out to be even more popular and relevant.

Neon, romance and school style - 3 fashion trends to which we will be partial after isolation

Stella McCartney, spring-summer 2020; Chalayan, spring-summer 2020

Fashion Trends Summer 2020

Fashion Trends Summer 2020

Dion Lee, spring-summer 2020; Chanel, spring-summer 2020


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