The effect of wet hair 2020: the “loudest” trend of the summer

The effect of wet hair 2020: the “loudest” trend of the summer

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High fashion weeks and stars on red carpet annually prove that spring and summer are the brightest time for experiments in hairstyles and makeup. Main beauty trends of 2020 diverse from retro tails and voluminous hair accessories to the neon shadows and unusual arrows on the upper eyelid that we have been obsessed with in recent months. Nevertheless, it will be hairstyles that will remain the loudest trend of the summer 2020: with scarves, hairpins, oversized elastic bands and, of course, our favorite the effect of wet hair.

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From year to year we observe the effect of wet hair in a variety of ways at the shows of the spring-summer collections of famous fashion brands. Hollywood stars and celebrities often appear on the red carpet with wet hair styling (remember only the enchanting exit of Kim Kardashian to Met Gala 2019 or the seductive bow of Adriana Lima at the Cannes Film Festival last year).

At different times, Scarlett Johansson, Jay Law, Margot Robbie, Haley Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Zendaya and many other celebs appeared at various events with wet hair effect.

In other words, this is another proof that the effect of wet hair dictates the summer fashion. From the late 90s till today such hair styling looks incredibly chic. It is luxurious and can be combined with elegant clothes to add zest to the image.

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As it turned out, this is also the most practical and useful hairstyle of the season. Why? Well, if only because it protects your hair from moisture loss. And in the summer it’s already good curls will not be so much affected by high temperatures. And if you make such a laying on the beach, the strands will be protected from the harmful effects of sea or chlorinated water from the pool. Great, isn’t it? Bonus it can be created on the hair on the third day after washing the hair without using styling tools.

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In general, everything tells us in favor of trendy wet hairstyle in the summer of 2020.

What to look for

IN Wet styling options are just a lot. You can put only roots on the gel or distribute the texturizing agent along the entire length, then remove the strands into a bundle, tail or “lick” them back, inspired by the catwalk examples. And for short haircuts, styling in general will be a salvation: it looks fashionable, there are several different styles of hairstyles, it is created in one minute. The beauty!
Shiny wet hair looks fresh, elegant and sexy, which is ideal for hot months. This hairstyle can be both elegant and bold. Therefore, it is appropriate both at solemn evening events, and at club, beach parties, in the office and on a date.

How to make wet hair effect
Let’s take a look at the principle of creating a trend hairstyle step by step.
  1. If you just washed your hair, blow dry your hair. Contrary to expectations, this style begins with dry, not wet hair.

2) Dry the strands the way you want them to be laid later: on the back without parting, with a central parting or on the side. Further work needs to be done in the direction that you have set.

3) You can both straighten strands and curl hair. Apply gel, mousse or wax between your fingers and rub the product into dry hair. To get started, use the minimum amount of product and add it as needed.

4) For creating smooth styling use a comb with small teeth. If you want slightly tousled curls, use your fingers instead of a comb. Apply a fixative spray for hair, and that’s it, done!

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Then you can leave the curls loose or put in the tail, bundle, braid.

Tip: if you want to make styling more useful for strands, distribute hair oil (coconut, if the curls are too stiff) before any styling tools.

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