Manicure Ideas: 10 Fashionable Design Options For Your Nails in Spring and Summer

Manicure Ideas: 10 Fashionable Design Options For Your Nails in Spring and Summer

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We have collected for you even more fashionable ideas of spring manicure 2019.

Spring manicure: 10 current and stylish ideas

Perhaps you are just going to the master, and scour the expanses of the Internet in search of the cherished manicure. We tried for you, and found the freshest ideas for your nails!

1. Spectacular design

Juicy deep shades, in which the drawing is made, are very relevant now. Abstract lines look so tender and spectacular at the same time, and the divorces themselves resemble a brook! The oblong oval shape of the nail is especially relevant in the spring of 2019.

2. The very tenderness

Pastel colors are one of the main spring trends in nail design. The popular decor in the form of transparent droplets looks very gently and instantly revives the manicure!

3. Floristic motifs

Even black can look very elegant. The pearl background flickers with lilac and golden hues, and the pattern looks just fabulously beautiful …

4. Bright pink

Pink today is a special account of fashionistas, he did not go around and nail art. As you can see, even small details can make your manicure unforgettable.

5. Luxury ashen

Gray tones are adored by many, because it is a super universal shade that fits any outfit and image. This design is simply gorgeous: it looks very elegant and modern! Would you make yourself like this?

6. Watercolor waves

Surely, you have noticed that watercolor manicure drawings are being used more and more often today. And if the master usually draws flowers in this technique, then you can distinguish yourself and draw delicate divorces. Patterns resemble sea surf or clouds …

7. How do you like it?

Gradient stretch looks very stylish. Spring 2019 supports almost all of our manicure fantasies, so choose a picture you like and feel free to combine! By the way, this form of nails is relevant, and you would wear this?

8. Powder Tones

For everyday manicure this is a very good idea! Neutral shades look very stylish in combination with shiny accents. This nail design is universal, and will perfectly fit into almost any image.

9. For bright and bold

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Manicure Spring 2019 – blue!Manicure Ideas: 10 Fashionable Design Options For Your Nails in Spring and Summer Soft blue and deep blue are real hits this spring. Dreamy shades are compatible with all pastels. Therefore, instantly picked up by the designers of the best Fashion-houses in the world, and after them the famous masters of design nails Manicure Ideas: 10 Fashionable Design Options For Your Nails in Spring and Summer Graduation time is coming. Pay attention to the gorgeous glossy lacquers for # perfect manicure for a holiday or reception. Do not forget about the current girls have glittering enamels with the effect of mica. Thoughtful blue manicure # 201 soothes and simultaneously excites. And in combination with trendy jeans and accessories this season, denim looks particularly stylish. *************** #hdfreza #myslitskynail #myslitsky #shop childcare # finding children # all things for manicure # pedalure # all things for manicure # making tools ceramics # hardmetal #sheology

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Rich colors will make your look memorable. A combination of matte and glossy design make this manicure special! By the way, the technique of drawing on the middle fingers is called the “mica effect”, and resembles iridescent gems.

10. Spring mood

If you like more delicate shades, then this manicure is for you! Simple and tasteful, nothing extra.

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