Not Just A  Sign: 9 breast cancer symptoms you need to know about

Not Just A Sign: 9 breast cancer symptoms you need to know about

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Cancer is a terrible disease, which sometimes makes itself felt in the form of harmless or not so serious symptoms. We know that the sooner a disease is detected, the higher the risks of receiving the necessary treatment and recovery. Journal “Furilia” wants to tell you about the symptoms of breast cancer so that you can recognize when a failure has occurred in the body.

Non-obvious signs of breast cancer

Lumps and lumps are some of the common symptoms of breast cancer. But there are others that are not obvious. Let’s talk about them.

Dimple on the chest

Not Just A  Sign: 9 breast cancer symptoms you need to know about

This is one of the signs of a tumor that you may miss when examining yourself. When we check the breasts, we do not always devote much time to this. In addition, the recesses may be too small, and we ignore them. Any dimple or retraction of the skin on the chest should be checked by your doctor.

Nipple discharge

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, then you probably have nothing to worry about. For other women, however, certain types of discharge need to be taken into account. Nipple discharge, which is greenish or yellowish in color or even accompanied by blood, can also be a symptom of breast cancer. Especially if this happens spontaneously, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Skin irritation

Not Just A  Sign: 9 breast cancer symptoms you need to know about

Your skin can be irritated for many reasons, including a bra that doesn’t fit your size, a rash, contact dermatitis, or other skin problems, but in rare cases it can be a symptom of breast cancer. If your chest has unexplained redness, swelling, skin irritation, itching, or a rash that has appeared recently or lasts longer than expected, consult your doctor.


Dark marks or unusual freckles on the skin are not a sign that you should consult a dermatologist. They may be a sign of a rarer and more aggressive form of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer. If you have a freckle, and then others, talk to your doctor. Do not panic, as inflammatory breast cancer is extremely rare.

Red spots or bruises

Not Just A  Sign: 9 breast cancer symptoms you need to know about

Other signs of inflammatory breast cancer are red spots or bruises on the skin. If they stay with you for more than two to three weeks, make an appointment with your doctor. But again, keep in mind that this type of cancer is rare. Many types of red spots on your skin, such as cherry angioma, are completely benign.

Nipple changes

Your nipples usually do not change shape, size or color unless you are pregnant. But if you notice any changes in the appearance of the nipples, you should be screened for breast cancer. They can also be pulled inward. Which should also alert you.

Itching and peeling of the nipples can be a sign of Paget’s disease of the breast, which is a rare form of breast cancer. This usually affects your nipple and the skin around it. You may notice peeling, flakes, or hardening on the skin of the nipples or areoles (or both). It can even cause tingling or burning sensations.

Swelling or sensitivity

Not Just A  Sign: 9 breast cancer symptoms you need to know about

Swelling or soreness of the chest is a common problem for women during the menstrual cycle and may even be an early sign of pregnancy. That is why they are often overlooked. If one breast seems particularly enlarged or swollen, you should see a doctor. You may not notice a lump in your chest, but if you feel it under your arm, it may be an enlarged lymph node, which is also sometimes a sign of breast cancer that is starting to spread.

Change the texture of the skin

Changes in the skin on your chest may be a sign that something is wrong. If the skin has become reddish and resembles an orange peel, you need to see a doctor. Such changes may indicate that breast tissue becomes inflamed due to the fact that cancer cells block small lymphatic ducts inside the chest and fluid builds up.

Change the size or shape of the breast

Not Just A  Sign: 9 breast cancer symptoms you need to know about

Weight gain, menstrual changes, and pregnancy or breastfeeding can affect the size and shape of your breasts. But if this happens regardless of these other factors and suddenly, it may be a sign of cancer, and you should schedule an examination with your doctor. This can happen a week before your period, so always wait one week to see if it goes away on your own.

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