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One bag that everyone is crazy about today

One bag that everyone is crazy about today 36

On the issue of choosing one ideal bag, it is very easy to disagree with friends: one likes large roomy bags, which will also include a couple of books, and the other insists on a smaller model, and certainly with a shoulder strap to give hands freedom. The bag not only reflects our tastes or temporary whims, but transmits our lifestyle and approach to organizing the things you need every day to the world. In addition to its indisputable functionality, this accessory almost always acts as the main focus that attracts the attention of others. Hence the verb “invest”, which we use so often in relation to bags: not just buy the first model you get, but invest in the one that will accompany you day by day. When such an accessory is found, you can relax, and if you are still in search, we suggest you pay attention to one model, which this year was an obvious discovery.

The same bags return to fashion from time to time, forming a certain set of classic models that you can safely bet on. For example, in 2019, this was Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite “baguette” handbag, which Fendi re-released and inspired dozens of big and small accessory brands to make a similar model: for example, The Row and Loewe bags are very similar in shape to the very traditional baguette from Fendi but, of course, with the addition of individual traits, so as not to be accused of plagiarism: The Row has an asymmetrical silhouette, and Loewe has architectural geometry in the design. There is nothing terrible in such copying, because in the early 2000s this miniature and at the same time very convenient handbag made its revolution and became a kind of standard for a practical bag ranging in size from small to medium.

Bag That Everyone Is Crazy About

Bag That Everyone Is Crazy About

In 2020, a model with a sonorous and tasty name “croissant” was set in the warm place of the most fashionable bag of the season. That is what Bottega Veneta called its new model – an Italian brand that does not tire of setting trends for the third year in a row. In appearance, the bag really resembles French pastries: it is made of soft leather with folds and, in addition, comes in a shade of baked pastry (and also in cream, red, chocolate and cherry). According to the chronology, the “croissant” is an enlarged (and we would also add an “improved”) version of another popular Bottega Veneta bag, popularly called the “dumpling” – a miniature purse made from the same soft leather with folds. The updated model fits much more things, and, fortunately, it is deprived of an impractical strap in the form of a leather thread and is not produced in stupid shades of gold leaf and blue neon.

Bag That Everyone Is Crazy About

Bottega Veneta, spring-summer 2020

Variations on the theme did not have to wait long, and Bottega Veneta did not get used to serve as role models for democratic and not so brands. In fact, an identical bag was launched by the more affordable designer brands Staud and Nanushka, repeating both the color scheme and the design of the puff bun. In addition to the indisputable functionality, this model of the bag has one more obvious advantage: due to its soft form, it is much more pleasant to use than the usual square bags made of tough, stiff leather. But the tactility of things means a lot when buying!


One Bag That Everyone Is Crazy About Today

Nanushka, spring-summer 2020; Staud, spring-summer 2020

Following the conceptual designer brands, accessible mass-market brands pulled themselves together and made their versions soft-to-touch handbags. Finding models made of high-quality genuine leather turned out to be a difficult task, but the price pleases with its availability. Mango, for example, try to repeat the delicious dark-beige shade of a croissant bag, and Zara and & Other Stories choose a sparkling atlas of noble tones instead of leather. And if you prefer the previous miniature model Bottega Veneta, code-named “dumpling”, then a copy of it in black was prepared for the summer by the brand H & M.

One Bag That Everyone Is Crazy About Today

Volumetric bag oversized Mango

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One Bag That Everyone Is Crazy About Today

One Bag That Everyone Is Crazy About Today

ASOS Bag with wooden handles

One Bag That Everyone Is Crazy About Today

Satin bag Zara

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