Permissiveness or Defensive Reaction? Children of the Celebrities Who Wear Clothes of the Other Sex

Permissiveness or Defensive Reaction? Children of the Celebrities Who Wear Clothes of the Other Sex

ben February 16, 2019 0

Among the heirs of celebrities, it is increasingly possible to meet those who appear in public in the clothes of the opposite sex. What is it: permissiveness or defensive reaction?

Children of the stars who wear the opposite sex clothes.

According to some psychologists, all external non-standard manifestations are a response to a person’s internal conflict. Also, many experts believe that the child is the mirror of the family, and in the case of wearing the clothes of the other sex, psychologists call the authoritarian behavior of parents one of the reasons for this choice …

Samuel – son of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

Naomi Watts fully supports his youngest son, who prefers to wear girlish clothes. Moreover, according to some experts, the pedantic actress herself imposed on her son such an image in order to pacify his restless nature.

Jackson – adopted son Charlize Theron

The adopted son Charlize Theron also wears dresses, despite the fact that the actress supports the boy in this, according to the psychologist, it was she who, with her positive reaction, prompted him to make this choice of clothes.

Shilo – the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Pro domineering character Angelina Jolie More than once they wrote in the press, moreover, according to insiders, the actress sometimes puts a lot of pressure on children, explaining this behaviour by caring for them. It is these manifestations of the mother, as well as the lack of attention from the father, according to experts, that caused Shilo to be locked in himself, and later prompted the girl to change the image …

Noah – son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox has repeatedly stressed that does not limit his sons in anything. But, according to some sources, the actress’s husband, Brian Austin Green, is distinguished by prudent and pragmatic views on raising children, which could have prompted the boy to wear dresses.

James is the son of Jamie King and Kyle Newman

Another boy, who was repeatedly met in public in girls’ attire – the son of Jamie King and Kyle Newman. Famous parents, as well as our previous heroes, do not hinder such a child’s self-expression. By the way, some experts believe that it is precisely in this way that calm James has learned to win the approval of his creative and active mother.