The Eternal Question: does micellar water need to be washed off

The Eternal Question: does micellar water need to be washed off

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Today micellar water is the most popular make-up remover. It is indispensable at home and is suitable for cleaning in any conditions, even hiking. This product helps people with sensitive skin, which does not tolerate washing with hard water. Manufacturers claim that after washing, the face does not need additional cleansing, and many cosmetologists agree on the contrary. Holivar on the Web on this controversial topic also does not cease – everyone insists on his truth.

About how to wash your face with micellar water, we already told earlier, but whether it needs to be washed off or not – let’s understand. We decided to delve deeper into this issue and study the opinions of experts. And so, what conclusion was made.

Bit of theory

Micellar water contains the active ingredient –micelles – microscopic oil compounds. Each such molecule consists of a hydrophilic (water-soluble) head and a hydrophobic tail. The first loves water, the second – fats. What is their task? In simple words, they serve as a bridge between these two immiscible substances – fat and water. Ponytails of micelles are attracted to each other and to various oils, like a magnet, picking up cosmetics and impurities from the surface of the skin.

The required number of micelles in the composition cleanser allows you to easily wash off any makeup and remove even the smallest dirt residues. But since these particles contain not only water but also oils, a surfactant (surfactant) is needed to wash them off. After all, fat does not dissolve in water.

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Surfactants include, for example, amino acids, soap or alcohol. Manufacturers add them to the composition of micellar water, so that they destroy the fatty film on the surface of the skin. But the problem is that with constant contact of the skin of the face and a cleanser containing surfactants (and they are in almost any detergent – from household to cosmetic), the barrier function of the epidermis may be disturbed. And this, in turn, can lead to dryness, redness, peeling and other “protests” of the skin.

The Eternal Question: does micellar water need to be washed off
The eternal question: does micellar water need to be washed off

Micellar water – is it necessary to wash off

Based on the theory, the conclusion suggests itself: in most cases micellar water still need to rinse off. Many dermatologists and cosmetologists insist on this. Of course, if you do not remove the micelles remaining on your face with water in an emergency situation, when you, for example, are on the road, waiting for a flight at the airport or at home simply turned off the water, then nothing will happen to your skin. But if you regularly neglect this step in your beauty routine, then the risk of consequences like dryness and irritation increases. Especially if the skin is prone to imperfections.

Experts also recommend washing with gel or foam after micellar water, if you feel discomfort. And this feeling is probably familiar to everyone. Most of us instinctively want to wash our face after any cleanser, and that’s fine.

And the last – always try to wash off micellar water, in which there are surfactants. If your washbasin contains nothing but water and plant extracts, then rinsing your face is not necessary. After such a cleansing, you can even skip lotion or tonic: because the lipid barrier of the skin is not broken, and the pH level remains the same.

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