TOP 5 Morning exercises for lazy

TOP 5 Morning exercises for lazy

ben April 29, 2020 0

When we just woke up, the body begins to slowly check all the connections in the body and prepare us for awakening. – So the pilot does before lifting the airliner into the air.

In order for awakening to be as productive as possible, scientists advise doing morning exercises. First, so you wake up faster, and secondly, accelerate the metabolism, which will allow burn 20% more calories during the day, and thirdly, you will keep the muscles in good shape. It seems that even these three reasons are enough to set aside 15 minutes for tender morning workout.

Morning exercise number 1.

You can do this ten-minute exercise without getting out of bed right in your pajamas!

Morning exercise number 2.

A gentle 5-minute yoga for beginners will gently wake your body and mind, and prepare to the day to come and new achievements. Exercise is suitable for any level of training and will warm up the main muscle groups.

Morning exercise number 3.

This option also has exercises with a pillow. Only they are aimed mainly at strengthening the gluteal muscles. So if your goal is an elastic round butt, we recommend that you choose this morning exercise.

An additional bonus – it can be done right in bed, provided that you have a high-quality hard mattress.


Morning exercise number 4.

A morning stretch that gently wakes up and stretches the whole body. It is specially assembled so that you do not even need to get out of bed.

Morning exercise number 5.

A ten-minute set will gently wake you up and at the same time pump your whole body from the top of your head to your heels. You even have time to sweat! True, it is difficult to call it a training for the lazy, but if you have already reached the end of our list, you are not so lazy.

The morning should be good, so do not be lazy, wake up and begin to actively move towards a new day!

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