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TOP 6 FAST hairstyles that look better with dirty hair

TOP 6 FAST hairstyles that look better with dirty hair 36
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 22: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been edited using digital filters) Margot Robbie attends Sony Pictures' "Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood" Los Angeles Premiere on July 22, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

No one wants to wash their hair every day. That’s why many people use dry shampoos. This frees up our morning, makes hair more manageable. In addition, hair is better for styling on the second and third day. The only problem is that after training, hats or just an active day (depending on the type of scalp), the curls begin to look a little less light and a little more fat. But here is a salvation: there are cool, fashionable fast hairstyles that look better with dirty hair and mask the fact that they have more dry shampoo than is left in the bottle.

Bearing in mind that we all need fast hairstyles that can be done in a minute or a maximum of five minutes, we scrolled through our Instagram feeds a bit and found the most stylish styling options. Even celebrities can be spotted with such hairstyles, so why not give it a try?

Semi-assembled beam

Gather the top layer of hair in a tight knot and tie it on the crown of the head (where the strands are the fattest) to simulate volume. To make your hair look fresh, use a little dry shampoo before starting your hairstyle. Hair length does not play a role in this quick styling. On the short bean of Olivia Kalpo, the hairstyle looks incredibly stylish, but we assure you that on long wavy or even strands it will look no less impressive.

French Twist / Shell Hairstyle

This fast hairstyle is elegance itself. You can even go with it on the red carpet of the film festival or the premiere of the film (which Lucy Hale did). A smooth French bun on shiny, clean hair looks too prim. But on the curls on the second day after washing the hairstyle will turn out to be very stylish – light mess and negligence are now in vogue. Work with a natural texture by adding a little dry shampoo or hair styling powder to the hair roots to add volume to your hair, and then collect a “shell” on the back of your head. You can leave a couple of released strands at the temples, like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did or chop them stylish hair clips like Lucy Hale.

Different type

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The simplest and most stylish fast hairstyle that can only exist. Moreover, it looks equally good both on the first day after washing hair and on the third. Play with the textures and variations of this classic styling. This can be a slightly disheveled version in the Bardot style (like Margot Robbie) or a smooth hairstyle like Brie Larson. Do not be afraid to add stylish hair accessories, as this year they “decide” everything.


It is not necessary to say that tails are the lot of “gray mice”. In fact, this styling is not inferior even to the classic bundle in simplicity and sophistication. This season, the tails on the top of the head are not in fashion, like Barbie dolls of the 90s version. Instead, it is better to make tails between the back of the head and the crown of the head, or choose a low hairstyle. Whether it’s a smooth ponytail like Rita Ora or a tousled version like blogger Mariana Hewitt, the styling will turn out to be stylish and incredibly beautiful. You will definitely spend no more than five minutes on this hairstyle.

In 2020, stylists recommend decorating the tails with massive hairpins, ribbons and silk scarves, so that even such a simple hairstyle plays with new colors.

The effect of wet hair for short haircuts

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If you have an elongated pixie, square or bean, if you just don’t want to wash your hair or if you don’t have enough strength, then get wax or clay for hair from your stock and use it to put back strands. Hairstyles with the effect of wet hair were in fashion last summer and remain in the top trends in 2020.

Two braids and bangs

If you did fashion bang for the new season, we are sure you definitely have dry shampoo. Yes, and bangs, it seems, you wash more often than the rest of the hair mass. So, if there is no desire to wash curls, apply a little dry shampoo on the bangs and roots, ruffle your hair and braid the two simplest French braids on the sides. Comb the bangs so that it gradually merges with the braids – everything, one more quick styling in the style of Brigitte Bardot is ready. Accessories with this hairstyle are welcome. Like beautiful straw hats.

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