Glamorous 8 Fashionable Hairstyles With Braids 2020

Glamorous 8 Fashionable Hairstyles With Braids 2020

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Braids are versatile hairstyles that will never go out of style. Yes, some trend weaving, such as fantasy spikelets, which became popular thanks to the series “Game of Thrones”, quickly lost relevance. Nevertheless, there are options for hairstyles with braids 2020 that will be appropriate always and everywhere, regardless of the season and new beauty trends. These are spectacular plaits, and weaving with loose hair, and relaxed braids for a slightly sloppy look, and many other stylish ideas.

For medium-long hair and long curls, braids are a real salvation. These fast and simple hairstyles look insanely stylish on their own, and if you decorate them with trendy ones too massive hairpins or other hair accessories, you can get trendy styling without much effort.

We hope we convinced you that the braids are still in fashion. If so, we suggest learning how to weave fashionable pigtails of varying complexity. We have chosen the most fashionable hair styling this 2020 year. You only need a mirror, a hairbrush, elastic bands, a few hairpins and a little patience.

French braid

Weave classic french braid easiest. Carefully comb the hair, separate several strands from the temples to frame the face (if the curls are too long, it is better to collect them with the bulk of the strands). Divide the remaining pile of hair into three equal parts and begin to weave an ordinary three-strand braid. Gradually add thin locks on the right and left sides. Tighten to the ends and fix with a thin silicone rubber. Remove the braid in the “donut”, fixing the beam with each new revolution with hairpins or invisible.

The tighter you make the braid, the denser the bunch. If you want to make a volumetric and lace bundle, try to constantly monitor the tension of the strands, weakening them during weaving.

Pigtail Rim

This styling looks especially good on multilayer haircuts and a cascade, as well as on hair with French bangs, as the face will have several strands that will serve as a beautiful frame and visually make the face thinner.

To braid the braid-rim, carefully comb the hair. Separate the curls above the forehead from the rest of the mass so that the work area is slightly thinner. Separate three sections from the ear and start weaving a standard French braid (you can make a spikelet, if the density and length allow). Gradually add locks to the right and left, forming a French braid. At the same time, the hair from the crown cannot be touched. Weave the braid to the next ear and fix it imperceptibly, continue weaving to the base of the braid and hide the tips under it. If the hair is of medium length, braid two braids at each ear and connect their ends in the center of the head in an invisible way.


Spikelet inside out with pearls

Stated on the main catwalks of world fashion capitals pearls in the hair you should definitely try this year, while the trend is at the peak of popularity. Such a gentle version of the braid 2020 is suitable for a special occasion. For example, wedding, birthday or prom. Such styling is best done on long hair, but the variation in performance may be different – pearls will become an adornment of any weave.

Braid harness

It’s easier to think of weaving, but this is one of the most elegant braids. The fashionable hairstyle is also universal: it looks appropriate in a strict office setting, at a social event, a romantic date, and even in the gym. It can be woven from the crown or from the back of the head – both options are trending.


Another classic weave, on the basis of which you can create a lot of different hairstyles. To repeat fashionable styling. It’s better to pre-curl your hair. So the braid will hold out better if you do it on the second or third day after washing your hair. Just apply a little dry shampoo to the roots to remove greasy shine and give curls a little volume. Then comb the strands back, separating two thin sections – one at the left temple, the second at the right. Bring the remaining hair back to the back of the head and tie it in a ponytail. Separate the two strands on each side of the tail and cross the left section with the right. Grab a new section of the same thickness from under the left strand. Cross it with the right strand. Repeat all the same with the right strand. Continue weaving the spikelet, each time picking up strands on each side. Tighten to the middle of the tail and fix with an elastic band. If desired, you can add a ribbon or a beautiful hair clip to hide the elastic.

Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle with Spikelet

This trendy braid hairstyle is great for short haircuts such as bob and bob, and also looks great on long hair. Just separate the upper section of hair from ear to ear and braid a spikelet out of it. To get a hairstyle in the style of Brigitte Bardot, that is, semi-assembled, try to make the spikelet not too tight.

Boxing braids

This hairstyle is also called braids. In the summer of 2017, braids with Kanekalon came into fashion, but now colored artificial fiber is no longer in fashion. In 2020, various ribbons and threads woven into boxing braids, as well as cuffs and hair clips, are in fashion. So, if you want to make boxing braids more stylish, it is better to use the accessories listed above, and leave the kanekalon to the children.

In addition, the trends of 2020 dictate to us images with dense, tight braids with released strands. Such braids can be braided for study, work, they are suitable for training, trips, and semi-assembled ones will look great with cozy boho images.

Weaving begins with combing the hair along the entire length. Then it is necessary to divide the hair parted in the center of the head. Secure one section with an elastic band so that it does not interfere. Start weaving a boxing braid from the forehead, moving to the back of the head. Separate the three thin strands and weave them together, introducing each side strand from the bottom and crossing it in the middle with the other two. Then, moving along the entire length of the head to the back of the head, introduce new strands into the braid. Stop at the back of the hairline. Divide the remaining strands into three equal sections and braid a standard French braid. Secure the ends with an elastic band. Do the same on the other side of the head.

French braid with a silk scarf


For a few more inspiring examples of hairstyles with fashionable weaves, see below:

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